Card Captor Sakura episode 47

Sakura to Fushigi na Tenkousei
[Sakura and the Mysterious Transfer Student]
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2000.02.06
Sakura and Kero-chan were in their room. Summer was coming to an end, and Sakura would have to go to school the next day. Sakura was writing a letter to Kaho-sensei telling her about what happened during their eventful summer.

But when she looked in her backpack, Sakura realized that she had four books that she hadn't started reading yet. But her teacher had assigned book reports and they were due tomorrow! She went into a panic and asked Kero-chan for help.

Sakura wasn't aware that she was being watched by shadowy figures outside her house. One was a panther-like animal with wings. Another was a female that wore a costume with butterfly-like wings on the back. The last was a dark-haired boy wearing glasses, an unusual uniform, and a staff.


The next day, Sakura ate breakfast very quickly and left the house for school. Touya teased her about meeting Yukito but Sakura denied it. Meanwhile Kero-chan was upstairs in her room. He was exhausted because he had to stay up all night helping her write reports.

Sakura met Yukito on her way to school, and she stopped to talk to him for a bit. Sakura thought that it was a bit troubling that Yukito and Yue were the same person. But as Sakura left, Yukito called out to her and performed the usual ritual of tossing her a piece of candy. Sakura continued her thoughts and said that she liked Yukito anyway.

Sakura went to class, but she didn't see anyone. Sakura was very happy and began singing a silly song out loud on the way to her seat. She didn't notice that Shaoran was actually standing by the blackboard cleaning it. She had gotten to the second chorus when Shaoran began coughing loudly on purpose. Sakura stopped immediately and asked if he had heard her. He nodded. Sakura became extremely embarrassed.

Tomoyo came in and said good morning to Sakura. Tomoyo was depressed because she couldn't make any more battle costumes for Sakura as she had captured all the Clow Cards. However, it still made her VERY happy that she could watch all of her past videos.

Soon the other students came into the class and so did their teacher. Terada-sensei introduced a new student to their class, and his name was Hiiragizawa Eriole. He looks familiar with his dark hair and glasses.

Eriole was giving Sakura a "look". Sakura was thinking that he looked very kind. After seeing this, Shaoran immediately developed a hatred for Eriole. There was an empty seat next to Shaoran, and Eriole was asked to sit in it. This didn't please Shaoran one bit.

When Eriole walked past Sakura, he said, "It's nice to meet you." Sakura gave him a return response, but then she felt something about him that she didn't understand. Noticing a pause, Shaoran became more and more bitter.

That afternoon, Sakura was writing a letter to Kaho-sensei mentioning about the new student. She wanted to tell her that she had a strange feeling about him. She was speaking Eriole's name out loud when she heard a voice say, "Yes...?"

Sakura was shocked to see that Eriole was standing next to her. He apologized for surprising her. Then he introduced himself formally to her, and she did the same. Then they shook hands.

Tomoyo was watching them from a distance. She was saying how it was just like a shoujo manga. Shaoran was also watching them with Tomoyo and he went livid.

Later, I think that Sakura asked Shaoran if he was going to go back to Hong Kong. But Shaoran said that he was going to stay for some time. Sakura became very happy and was going to buy lemon ices for herself, Tomoyo, and Shaoran.

Touya appeared and grabbed Sakura's lemon ice. Sakura was yelling about it. When Yukito appeared and asked if she wanted another one, Sakura got flustered and said that it was okay. Touya ignored Sakura the entire time and kept looking around him. They asked him what was happening, and he said that he had to keep an eye out for one of his classmates.

Just then, a pretty girl suddenly appeared and latched herself to Touya from behind. She introduced herself as Akizuki Nakuru. She briefly gave Yukito a "look" and Yukito just smiled. Then she saw Sakura and said, "Are you Touya's younger sister? YOU'RE SO CUTE!!!" And she hugged Sakura very fondly. Then she grabbed Touya's lemon ice and started to eat it. Then she left everyone almost as quickly as she arrived.

After Sakura went home, it started to rain.

Sakura was telling Kero-chan about the new student at her school. But Kero-chan said that he didn't know this guy. However, it seems that he wasn't really paying close attention as he was busy trying to break the high score on a video game.

Just then Sakura's desk drawer started to emit a light. They both knew that it was the Clow Cards. Sakura opened the drawer and noticed the book was glowing.

When Sakura grabbed the book, she was going to ask Kero-chan about it. But as soon as it was in her hands, she was no longer in her room anymore. She heard a voice tell her that something was coming, but with "this" she would be all right. Sakura thought that it was Clow Reed's voice. Before she could say anything, she found herself back in her room.

Kero-chan asked her what had happened, as she appeared to have spaced out for a few seconds. But Sakura looked at the Book of Clow in her hands and noticed that the cover had changed. It featured a different design, and it now had Sakura's name on the cover instead of Clow's. Neither of them understood what it meant.

On the TV, the weather report mentioned that it was supposed to have good weather today. It was still pouring outside. Kero-chan said that something supernatural was happening.

Sakura, Tomoyo, and Kero-chan were outside near the Penguin Park. Sakura was in her battle costume and Tomoyo was filming. Kero-chan said that something was unusual about the weather. They weren't aware that the boy with glasses in his costume was watching them.

The storm near the trio suddenly formed a whirlpool in the sky. It began sending jets of water toward them. Sakura asked Kero-chan to protect Tomoyo. Kerberos transformed into his true form and told Sakura to transform.

Sakura said the magical words and held her pendant in front of her. "Release!" But nothing happened. "Release! Release!" she cried again and again. The others became very surprised as there was no magic.

Sakura asked Kerberos why she couldn't summon the magic. Kerberos looked troubled and said that they would fight again tomorrow. They would bring Yue along the next time.

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