Card Captor Sakura episode 48

Sakura to Mezameta Hoshi no Kagi
[Sakura and the Awakening of the Star Key]
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2000.02.15
Sakura was at the breakfast table that morning. She pulled out the pendant and had a flashback of last night when the key didn't obey her command. Then she thought about how Kerberos told her to bring Yukito (Yue) the next day. She was still daydreaming when her brother came down to eat.

Touya immediately called Sakura a "monster" but Sakura didn't say anything back. He was very surprised and figured that something must've been bothering Sakura. Sakura then asked Touya whether or not Yukito would be around that day. Touya asked her why, and she stammered for a long time. Eventually Sakura made up an excuse. Touya gave her a smart aleck answer and called her a monster again. This time Sakura got very upset.

Meanwhile, the Book of Sakura was floating in the middle of her room. Kero-chan was thinking about why Sakura couldn't do any magic.

All the kids were going to school. They were talking about how the rain wasn't stopping. Takashi was telling the girls a story about the origin of umbrellas. Naoko believed the story. Then Chiharu appeared and got mad at Takashi for telling more lies.

Sakura was looking depressed as she was thinking about what she could do since she couldn't use the Clow Cards. Eriole suddenly appeared and gave her a flower. He said that he wanted to see her smile. This made her feel better, but then Shaoran ran up to Sakura very suddenly and said, "Good morning" very gruffly. Then he gave a dirty look at Eriole, who was putting flowers in a vase at the front of the class. Eriole only smiled back at Shaoran.

Tomoyo came into the class and said good morning to both Shaoran and Sakura. But Shaoran just said good morning back without emotion and took his seat behind Sakura. Tomoyo smiled and knew exactly what was happening, but Sakura didn't understand.

Sakura was talking to Shaoran near the porch of the front of the school, just barely out of the rain. She was telling him about how her key wasn't responding. Shaoran was telling her something about it...

Touya and Yukito were carrying a large stack of photocopies in their hands. They noticed that Sakura and Shaoran were sitting outside and wondered what they were doing. Touya was going to ask Yukito about something important--possibly related to his secret.

But then Nakuru appeared and grabbed Touya from behind. She said that the teacher wanted him to bring more copies. Touya told Yukito to give him his stack. Yukito asked if it would be too heavy, but Touya said it was okay. Then Touya told Nakuru to let go of him as she was too heavy. Her legs were dangling off the ground while she was holding onto him. Then she let go of him and Touya left.

Afterwards, Nakuru looked at Yukito and gave him a "look". She said something that seemed to suggest that she knew his secret. But Yukito didn't get it.

Sakura was walking home in the rain by herself. Eriole came and offered to walk part of the way with her. Afterwards, Sakura thought that Eriole was very kind.

Touya and Yukito had eaten dinner at the Kinomoto residence. But then Touya had to leave to do stuff. Kero-chan came out of hiding and asked to speak to Yue. Yukito seemed to fall asleep and Yue appeared.

Sakura was busy pouring tea and didn't see Yue appear. When she saw him she screamed from the shock. She offered tea to Yue, but he didn't take any. Kero-chan, on the other hand, was stuffing himself with cake and asked for more tea. Sakura left to refill the kettle.

While Sakura was gone, Kero-chan asked Yue about the rain. The both agreed that it wasn't normal but didn't know who was causing it. Then Kero-chan transformed into his true self.

Sakura came back into her room and screamed again. Kerberos asked her what was wrong. Sakura said that she didn't expect to see the transformation and it scared her.

The three of them and Tomoyo went back to Penguin Park. Sakura was telling Kerberos that she wasn't sure if she could do it. Tomoyo, who was filming, told her to be careful.

Sakura was staring at Yue. Yue asked her why. Sakura asked if Yukito knew anything about what they did while Yue was present. Yue said that Yukito wasn't aware of the things that happened when Yue was present. But Yue always knew what was happening at all times. Then Sakura got very embarrassed as that meant Yue knew her relationship with Yukito.

Then the storm formed another whirlpool in the sky. It formed multiple jets of water and began targeting Sakura. Yue flew over to Sakura and got her out of the way. Then he formed a shield around them. But the water broke through the shield and blasted Yue. Yue seemed to be hurt bad.

Sakura tried to say the magic words again, but the key still didn't respond to her.

The storm was continuing to send water jets. Kerberos shot a fireball at the storm, but it just reflected it back at him. Suddenly Kerberos became very weak and couldn't move. He yelled for Sakura to run but it was too late. A cyclone of water trapped Sakura inside it.

Neither Kerberos or Yue could move. While Sakura was trapped inside the waterspout, she heard a scream. She saw that Kerberos, Yue, and Tomoyo were all trapped inside similar waterspouts, and they were all in serious trouble.

Sakura thought to herself that she wouldn't allow it. She held her pendant and a glow appeared around her. Clow Reed's voice appeared in her mind and said that the sun and moon powers had been combined to form a new star power. Sakura said the new magic words and the baton appeared in her hands. Then the waterspout exploded and she escaped.

Sakura noticed that the others were still trapped. She pulled out her Firey card, but the card didn't respond to her. She asked the card to please help her. Then as she held the card in the air, the card transformed so the backing matched the one on the Book of Sakura. Then she cast the spell.

Streams of fire shot from her baton and spiraled around the three waterspouts holding her friends prisoner. The water quickly evaporated. Then the fire recombined itself and destroyed the whirlpool in the sky. The rain quickly stopped after that.

Everybody was safe. Kerberos and Tomoyo asked if Sakura was okay. She said that she was, but she collapsed. Yue caught her and said that she just fainted.

Yue was looking at the sky with a troubled expression. Kerberos asked if something was wrong. But Yue just said that it was nothing. Off at a distance, the three shadowy figures from before were watching. One of them remarked how the Clow Card had changed.

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