Card Captor Sakura episode 49

Sakura to Kiken na Piano
[Sakura and the Dangerous Piano]
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2000.02.15
Sakura was in bed feeling very weak. Her father and brother were in her room watching over her. She didn't appear to have a fever. They still seemed concerned, but Sakura told them that she'd be fine and that they should go to work.

Touya was looking at Kero-chan. He was lying very still on the bed, but was beginning to get very nervous. However, Touya eventually left the room. Kero-chan immediately said that it was a close one, and tried to talk to Sakura. But Sakura was sleeping and just talked in her dreams. The Firey card got out of the book and just floated in mid-air. Then Kero-chan pulled the covers of the bed to cover Sakura.

The other students in school were wondering what had happened to Sakura. Tomoyo was talking to Shaoran about Sakura, but he got embarrassed. But Shaoran did agree to come with Tomoyo to Sakura's house after school.

Then several classmates made a fuss about how Eriole was doing such a great job. He was frosting a half-dozen cupcakes. He said that he was making them for two, no, three people. Shaoran just gave him a funny look.

At lunch, Touya was sitting by himself in the classroom. He was worried about Sakura. Yukito came in with a huge sack of food and began eating. Touya was going to tell him something important about himself.

But then both of them heard some shouting coming from outside. Nakuru was playing basketball. But although she was playing against at least four boys, she easily outmaneuvered them and shot a basket. All the girls were saying how she was the coolest and how they envied her. Then Nakuru started yelling greetings at Touya who was still watching her from the classroom window.

Sakura got up at home. She said that she felt much better. Kero-chan said that it was because she slept for so long. Sakura couldn't believe that the clock said that it was 3pm. Then the doorbell rang and Sakura saw that Tomoyo and Shaoran had come to visit.

The two of them asked if she was okay. Sakura said that she felt great. Kero-chan said that it was because she slept all day, and Sakura got mad.

Tomoyo said that Shaoran made baked goods for her. Shaoran didn't say anything and handed her a bag. Sakura became very starry-eyed and Shaoran blushed. Then Kero-chan said that they only tasted "so-so". Shaoran and Kero-chan were about to get into a fight, but Sakura intervened.

Kero-chan showed the Firey card to all of them. Sakura didn't understand why the card looked different. Kero-chan explained that it wasn't exactly a Clow Card anymore, as it had undergone a transformation. It had been enhanced by Sakura's power and it was essentially her card--a Sakura Card.

Tomoyo quickly became very happy as this meant that she could film and costume Sakura in her new adventures. That is, Sakura "capturing" the Sakura Cards.

Kero-chan continued saying that the battles weren't over. He didn't know who they were fighting, but he did know that it was a descendant of Clow Reed.

The next day at school, Sakura was writing to Mizuki-sensei telling her about what was happening. She mentioned that neither Kerberos nor Yue knew who was their opponent.

Sakura then heard somebody play a piano and she went to see who it was. It was Eriole playing in the music room. She told him that he could play very well. Then Eriole started to play Tomoyo's song. Tomoyo had entered the room and clapped her hands afterwards. Sakura asked if Eriole could play the piano while Tomoyo sang her song.

While Tomoyo was singing, Sakura was just listening blissfully at a desk. Neither of them noticed that Eriole appeared to be putting a magic spell on the piano as he was playing.

After school, Sakura was with Shaoran. But Shaoran got upset when Sakura started talking about how great Eriole was at playing the piano. When Sakura asked him what was wrong, Shaoran just said that it was nothing.

As they walked down the hall, they heard Tomoyo singing her song again in the music room. But then there was a crash and Tomoyo screamed. Both of them ran into the room.

Tomoyo appeared to be okay, but there was a piano half-embedded into the wall. Tomoyo said that the piano tried to attack her. Then the piano moved from the wall and hovered in mid-air. Then it rushed at her again. Sakura pushed her out of the way. Shaoran told them to make a run for it. Both of them left the classroom and the piano couldn't fit through the doorway.

The piano eventually bashed the door down and was coming down the hall. Shaoran pulled out his sword and cast a lightning spell. The piano fell and broke a few legs. But after a short time it hovered off the ground again.

Sakura noticed that it was chasing Tomoyo and she got an idea. They all went up to the roof. Tomoyo started to sing her song. The piano started to follow the sound of her voice. Sakura and Shaoran heard the piano and got ready.

Sakura then transformed the pendant to a baton. Then she held The Song in her hand and turned it into a Sakura Card. Tomoyo sang for a short bit. Then The Song continued the song from a short distance away from the roof's edge.

When the piano finally made it up to the roof, it headed straight for the source of the song. It broke through the chain link fence and fell straight to the ground and shattered. Sakura then fainted.

From a distance, the shadowy trio had been watching them again.

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