Card Captor Sakura episode 50

Sakura to Shaoran to Mienai Ito
[Sakura and Shaoran and the invisible string]
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2000.02.22
Sakura woke up the next morning, and she went to the Sakura Card of The Song. Kero-chan came out of his drawer. Sakura asked what was going to become of Clow's legacy. But Kero-chan told her to be "genki" so she could fight the enemy with all of her strength. Then she felt better.

Sakura went to school on her skates. She was standing outside the school gate when she heard some cheering. She remembered that her brother and Yukito were involved in sports.

Touya and Yukito were playing soccer for the school team. Yukito did a pass which allowed Touya to score a goal. Then Nakuru grabbed Touya from behind again, and he immediately began telling her to get off. Nakuru gave another "look" at Yukito, but he just smiled back innocently. Sakura seemed to be confused by all of this.

Later, Sakura was with Tomoyo. Tomoyo was talking about how the school got another piano. Then Sakura had a flashback of the previous day's events which lead to the destruction of the grand piano in the music room. Tomoyo asked if she knew what caused it. Sakura said that it felt like Clow Reed. Tomoyo said that he died a long time ago...

Then Naoko was calling to the two of them to eat with the rest of the girls. Apparently Rika had baked some snacks for everybody. Then Rika pulled out a bag and showed everyone her gift she made: a teddy bear.

Tomoyo asked if they all knew what the "birthday" of the doll was. She started talking about how it's normally the day a doll is made or when it was bought. But if you receive a doll, then it's hard to guess this date. So the date should be the day you receive it, and you should name the doll. Then Tomoyo said that you should give the bear to somebody you liked. Rika just blushed.

Shaoran was in a tree near them and overheard their conversation. Eriole was below him and began talking to him. Eriole asked, "You are always looking at me so mean. Did I do anything?" Shaoran said that he didn't. Then Eriole said, "I just came to Japan. Can you help me, Li Shaoran...?"

But as soon as Eriole said his name, Shaoran appeared to be hypnotized. He blacked out and fell from the tree. But Eriole caught him before he hit the ground. He then asked if Shaoran was okay. Shaoran hurriedly said that nothing was wrong. Then he said that he understood him and ran away. Eriole gave him a "look" and said, "Interesting... I'll have him help me out."

School ended. Rika told Tomoyo and Sakura that she had to go since she had to give somebody something. Then she ran off in the direction where Terada-sensei was walking.

Yamazaki-kun appeared and began talking about the origin of teddy bears and such. Sakura was buying the story. Then Chiharu appeared and grabbed him and dragged him away. But Yamazaki-kun continued talking. Sakura asked if it was all a lie. Tomoyo replied that they should just go.

Eriole went to them and said that if they were going to the crafts store after school, then he'd like to come along with them. But then Shaoran jumped in front of him and said that he wanted to go, too. Sakura said that it was okay.

Meanwhile, Rika was with Terada-sensei in the library. Rika gave him the doll. Terada-sensei became very surprised that she had given it to him. Rika got very nervous and removed her hat. She asked him if he didn't like it. But he replied that he liked it and thanked her. Rika became very happy.

Sakura was walking down the street with Shaoran, Tomoyo, and Eriole. Sakura asked Shaoran why he seemed so upset. Shaoran said that it was nothing. He was listening to Eriole, who was talking about stuffed animals with Tomoyo. Then he got a nasty look on his face which scared Sakura. Then Shaoran said that if Sakura ever needed help, then he could always assist.

They all entered the store. Sakura was looking for the kit that could make a stuffed animal bear. She finally found one. Sakura asked Tomoyo if she was going to get anything. But Tomoyo said, in a roundabout way, that she would be happy if the person she likes is happy--even if it that person was happy with somebody else.

Eriole bought some thread. Sakura was asking about why he needed it, but Shaoran jumped in before he could give a clear answer. Shaoran said that you could do many things with strings. Then Eriole mentioned that you could use it to tie up roast beef. Sakura just assumed that Shaoran was hungry.

That night, Sakura was trying to make the first part of the doll. Kero-chan asked if she was done. Sakura said that something wasn't right. Kero-chan went to look and he raised an eyebrow. The bear had really large ears and looked a bit strange. Sakura cried saying that it was all mangled and now it looked like Kero-chan. Kero-chan seemed to be confused by this comment. But after he thought about it, he got really mad.

Then Sakura had a feeling. It was like Clow's presence but not quite. Kero-chan seemed to notice something too.

Sakura was with Shaoran in their battle costumes outside of a fountain with stone dolphins. Kero-chan asked why was Shaoran there, as he felt that he was worthless. But Sakura said that she promised to tell Shaoran when she was going to fight. Kero-chan said that he might be of some use after all.

But shortly afterwards, Shaoran's right arm seemed to be losing control. His right hand grabbed the sword and made a strike at Sakura. Shaoran yelled for her to be careful, and he made another swipe at Sakura. It barely missed her and cut her dress.

Sakura closed her eyes and was trying to focus on the magic. She said to herself that it was like Clow was here, but it wasn't him. She heard Tomoyo yell out. Sakura opened her eyes and saw Shaoran running toward her with the sword. But then Tomoyo tackled Shaoran, resulting in her camera being broken. Shaoran continued his attack, saying that he couldn't stop. Sakura was yelling at him to snap out of it.

Shaoran pulled out one of his ofuda and cast a water spell. Jets of water formed and became ice around him. It appeared that there were invisible strings tied to him, but since he froze them Shaoran couldn't move.

Sakura said the magic words and the baton appeared. Then she turned The Sword into a Sakura Card. Her baton turned into a sword and she slashed at the air. The sword cut all the strings.

Sakura ran up to him, and Shaoran said that he was okay. Sakura was grateful, and she immediately passed out. Then Tomoyo and Kero-chan asked if he was injured, but he said that he was fine. Sakura on the other hand... Tomoyo commented that the Sakura Cards must consume a lot of her energy.

Kero-chan was thinking to himself that he could detect somebody like Clow Reed nearby. And that this magic was just like his. But it wasn't him. He couldn't understand it.

Inside a mansion, Eriole sat in a large chair. Surrounding him was a glowing symbol of the Clow Cards (sort of like when Sakura casts magic). His right hand had magical strings which seemed to be manipulating Shaoran like a marionette. Eriole said, "This is another way to use strings..." But then the strings vanished.

A black cat with small wings was reading a book on the couch. He talked to Eriole about the Clow Cards. Eriole called the cat Spinel. Eriole said that the events concerning Sakura were "interesting".

Nakuru then entered the room and asked why they had come to Japan. Eriole asked if she had found something. Nakuru said that she found something that she liked, but there was a dangerous one nearby.

Spinel told Nakuru that "she" should be wearing a boy's uniform. Nakuru replied that she wasn't human and she didn't have a gender. She just liked wearing a girl's uniform because it was cute.

Eriole opened his hand, and a glowing pendant floated out of it. It looked like a key with a sun symbol on the end. Eriole said the magic words that sounded just like Sakura's and said "Release" at the end. The key became a large staff with a sun symbol on the end.

Magical wind appeared from the staff and wrapped around both Spinel and Nakuru. Eriole called them by their true names--Spinel Sun and Ruby Moon. Then the wind covered their bodies completely. When the wind dissipated, they looked like the other two shadowy figures that formed the trio.

Spinel Sun was a large black panther with wings. He had a pendant hanging around his neck that looked like a butterfly. Ruby Moon was wearing strange red robes with butterfly wings coming out the back. The two of them mentioned that Eriole was in fact the reincarnation of Clow Reed.

Spinel Sun asked, "Why did you come here?"

Eriole replied, "Something fun is about to happen."

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