Card Captor Sakura episode 51

Sakura to Ookina Nuigurumi
[Sakura and the large stuffed animal]
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2000.03.12
Sakura was finishing her teddy bear. But she still didn't know why it didn't look right, and instead looked like Kero-chan. Then she wrote a letter to Kaho-sensei and she recapped the events from the last episode.

Sakura was looking at her Clow Cards and was looking a bit troubled. Eriole suddenly appeared and asked her what was wrong. She quickly hid the cards and just talked about the letter that she was writing to her former teacher. Sakura said that she's now living in another country. Eriole said that he would have liked to have met her.

Eriole then noticed that she had a bear. But Sakura quickly hid it. He asked if he could look at it, but she replied that it looked strange and she didn't want anybody to see it. Eriole offered to help fix the bear if that was the case. Sakura gave him the bear and asked for him to not laugh. Eriole said that he wouldn't laugh since it was something that Sakura tried so hard at it.

Eriole said that the problem was that the ears were too big. He asked if Sakura had any scissors and he could fix it.


Afterwards, the teddy bear looked right and Sakura became very happy. Sakura asked if there was something that she could do for him. Eriole said, "Anything?" Then Eriole just kneeled and kissed her hand. Sakura's face turned very red and steam shot out of her ears.

Chiharu gave a present to Yamazaki-kun. It was a teddy bear that she made. She was nervously telling him about how you should give that gift to somebody you like. But then Yamazaki-kun interrupted and started telling another one of his stories. Chiharu then got mad and started to throttle him because he wasn't being serious about it. Then Yamazaki-kun just laughed because he was teasing her.

Shaoran was listening to them from a distance. He looked at the teddy bear that he had made. He wasn't sure exactly why he made it. He just saw Sakura making a fuss over them, and somehow he felt compelled to make one. While he stared at the doll, a vision of Sakura came into his mind. Shaoran didn't understand why he thought of her, and it seemed to bother him.

Suddenly he heard Yukito's voice say that it was cute. Yukito was on the other side of the fence, and he was holding a huge sack of food (his lunch). He climbed over the fence and began eating all the food.

Yukito was talking to Shaoran about the bear. Then he asked Shaoran about whom would receive it. Shaoran saw Sakura's face again in his mind, and he got afraid and ran, leaving the doll with Yukito. Shaoran didn't know why he was thinking about Sakura.

Shaoran saw Sakura and she was holding her bear. He froze and his heart pounded. Then Sakura turned and saw him and called his name. But Shaoran became embarrassed again and ran away hysterically.

Shaoran was wondering if his feelings for her were the same as when he saw "him". But then Yue appeared in front of Shaoran and said they weren't. Yue was telling Shaoran that the power of the moon is what attracts Shaoran to him. He told Shaoran that he should focus on his true feelings. Then Yue turned back into Yukito. Yukito was confused how he got there, but he returned Shaoran's bear saying that he should give it to somebody special.


Sakura was talking to Tomoyo about Eriole. Tomoyo said that Eriole was different. Sakura said that Eriole came from abroad. Tomoyo said that Shaoran came from abroad, too. But then Sakura said that the two of them were totally different.

Sakura mentioned that Shaoran was acting strange today. She said that as soon as she saw him, he just ran away. Tomoyo seemed to know what was happening and said that she felt sorry for Shaoran. Sakura didn't understand.

Tomoyo asked Sakura if she was planning to give her teddy bear to somebody. Sakura said that she was. Tomoyo asked if she could come along and see it.

Sakura, Tomoyo and Kero-chan were in front of Yukito's house. Sakura was wearing one of Tomoyo's nicer outfits, and Tomoyo was filming her. Sakura said that she felt embarrassed but the others quickly said that she was very cute. Sakura asked why Tomoyo insisted on coming, and Tomoyo replied that she wanted to capture all the important events in Sakura's life.

Kero-chan saw Tomoyo's new video camera. Tomoyo said that she got a new camera since she broke her old one. She said that this one would give a cleaner recording of Sakura since it was digital.

Sakura stood at the door and waited. Kero-chan asked her what was wrong. Sakura said that she was too scared to press the doorbell. So Kero-chan immediately pressed the doorbell, much to Sakura's shock. Then both Kero-chan and Tomoyo hid behind some bushes to see what would happen.

Sakura was very nervous and when Yukito came to the door, she said, "Good evening... Uhhhh... Here!" Then she just handed him the bag. He asked if it was for him, and then if he could open it. He was surprised to see the bear and asked if she had made it. Sakura said that it was, and Yukito said thanks. Sakura then got very happy.

Then both Kero-chan and Sakura felt something like Clow Reed's presence. The teddy bear flew out of Yukito's hands. Then Yukito appeared to "faint". Meanwhile, the bear grew larger and larger until it was several stories tall.

It started to make a strike at Sakura. Yukito, who had been falling backwards, suddenly transformed into Yue. Yue flew to Sakura and pulled her out of danger just in time. As they both hovered in the air, Yue shot ice shards at the monster. But the monster had a shield which just absorbed his attack.

Then Yue felt sick and his wings vanished. The two of them were falling. Kero-chan ran and turned into his true form. He caught both of them before they fell. Kerberos asked if they were okay. Sakura said that she was fine, but she wasn't sure about Yue. Yue said that he was okay, but then he stared out into the distance at a building.

On that building were the shadowy trio. They couldn't be seen by anyone from their position.

Sakura asked Yue if he was really okay several times. But when Yue said he was fine, Sakura seemed to get really relieved. Yue, although he is very unemotional, appeared to be slightly moved by this. Sakura then told Kerberos to protect both Tomoyo and Yue.

Then Sakura transformed the rod. She held up The Jump card and turned in into a Sakura Card. It was just in time, as the bear was about to smash her before she jumped away.

The bear continued to demolish parts of Yukito's house. Sakura couldn't figure out why it was doing it. Kerberos yelled at Sakura to use her instincts to find the source of the magic. When she concentrated, she felt that the magic was coming from one of the teddy bear's ears.

Sakura used The Sword, but she couldn't get near the bear. Every time she got close the bear would take a swing at her. Kerberos said that she had to use The Fly in order to attack. But Tomoyo asked if it was possible to use Fly because both The Fly and The Sword used the rod. Would she be able to make the sword and fly?

Since the monster kept attacking her, Sakura said that she'd just have to try. She managed to turn The Fly into a Sakura Card. Then she used the card and wings grew out of her back (just like in the opening animation). Using The Sword again, she cut off the ear of the giant bear. It stopped moving and fell to the ground after it shrank back to its normal size.

Eriole, who was still watching, said, "So that's it, Sakura."

Sakura noticed that a piece of paper had come out of the teddy bear's ear. She caught it and saw that it had the symbol of the Clow Cards drawn on it. Sakura's friends didn't notice and were telling her how great of a job she did. But Yue was still looking off into the distance where the mysterious trio had been.

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