Card Captor Sakura episode 52

Sakura no Hitsuji Chuuihou!?
[Sakura's Sheep Warning!?]
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2000.03.13
Sakura was in class and the teacher was reading a story about sheep. This made Sakura feel even more tired and she was falling asleep. Tomoyo asked if she was all right. Sakura said that she was okay but she still started falling asleep. She was about to collapse when Shaoran grabbed her from behind. The rest of the class saw Shaoran grab Sakura and wondered what was happening. The teacher called out Sakura's and Shaoran's names and asked what was wrong. Sakura quickly awoke and apologized.


Sakura, Tomoyo, and Shaoran were in the park area outside of class. They were talking about some things. They did discuss the attack with the stuffed animal the previous night. Shaoran told Sakura to tell him if she ever needed help. Sakura promised.

Then Tomoyo gave everybody a new cellular phone so they could contact each other at any time. Sakura told Shaoran that they could now keep in touch better. Shaoran just blushed a little. Then he looked at his bag and noticed that the teddy bear he had made had fallen out of it. He turned bright red and hurriedly shoved it into his bag. Tomoyo saw this and smiled knowingly.

Sakura was mentioning that it took all of her energy to fight. Tomoyo sympathized with her. Sakura then pulled out the three cards that she used the previous night and thought about it. Tomoyo then told Sakura and said that she needed to work on doing new poses, for instance when she was making a Sakura Card. Tomoyo pulled her up so they could think of the new poses, although Sakura didn't seem very willing.

From a distance, Eriole was watching them. "It's getting very serious, isn't it, Sakura," he said. "But it's going to get more serious." Then he gave a "look" at Yukito.

Yukito was under a tree. He didn't look very well. He was saying to himself that no matter how much he ate he was never full. And that he was always tired for some reason, and he was getting gaps in his memory. It was all very strange to him.

Touya saw him and went to him. Touya was saying that he needed to talk to him about something important. He said that he knew something about him, and perhaps he didn't know it either. Touya was worried about him disappearing. Yukito asked him why would he disappear. Touya then said, "Just listen..."

Then Nakuru jumped out of the tree and startled both of them. She said that the teacher was looking for Touya. Touya said that he would talk to Yukito later. Nakuru thought to herself, "I knew it. He can detect it. Interesting." Then she said to Yukito, "You really don't know anything, do you?" Yukito seemed confused. Then she told Yukito to not get in the way.

That night, Sakura's family was off doing other things. She was by herself cooking with Kero-chan. She was talking about doing poses from earlier that day.

Then Sakura pulled out the slip of paper from the previous day. Kero-chan looked at it and said that it was the Clow Reed's magic circle. Sakura said that didn't make sense since Clow Reed was dead. She looked even more depressed. Kero-chan saw her expression and quickly said that she could face anything, so she should be "genki". Sakura felt a little better.

Then the doorbell rang. Yukito had come over to return a book to Touya. Sakura was thinking about how great it was to have Yukito here. Then there was a flash of light and Yue was standing at the doorway. Sakura was surprised by the quick transformation again.


Sakura was in the kitchen singing. Kero-chan was talking quietly to Yue so she wouldn't hear. Yue said that he couldn't keep it going much longer. Kerberos's symbol is the sun, so he can make his own energy; Yue's symbol is the moon so he must absorb someone else's. However, Sakura wasn't strong enough to support both herself and Yue.

Yue said, "I will disappear."

Kero replied, "Then Yukito will disappear too."

Kero-chan transformed into his true self. Kerberos and Yue agreed that they wouldn't tell Sakura or it would only make her worry. Kero was asking about Clow. Yue said that it was his presence.

Sakura then came into the room with tea and snacks. She was asking everybody if they were hungry. Then she realized that Kerberos didn't eat while in his true form. Yue said that he was "going", and began to transform back to Yukito. Kerberos ran behind the wall and yelled out that Yue should give more warning. Then Yukito appeared and wondered how he managed to come into the living room.

Afterwards Sakura was washing dishes with Kero-chan. Sakura said that it was tough fooling Yukito. Kero said, "If Yukito can be fooled by *you*..." But then she got mad.

Then Shaoran called Sakura on her cel phone. She agreed to meet him.

They were close to Penguin Park. Sakura was in battle costume and Tomoyo was filming her. Sakura said that she could feel Clow. Shaoran said that he had never met him so he doesn't know what his presence was like. Then they all went to the park.

The slide that looked like a penguin had been moved. In its place was a huge hole in the ground. Sakura said that she felt a force coming from within it. Tomoyo suggested that she use the new pose prior to using the magic. Then Sakura transformed the key into the baton.

She used Fly and went down the hole. Kero-chan was going to follow her but then he bounced off an invisible shield. He pounded on the shield a bit. Then Shaoran quickly pulled out an ofuda and cast a lightning spell on it. Kero-chan barely got out in time and yelled at Shaoran because of it. Nevertheless, the shield held.

Meanwhile Sakura managed to reach the bottom of the hole. She said that there was definitely Clow's presence here. She was going to ask Kero-chan what he thought. Then she realized that she was alone and became very afraid.

Suddenly, something hit her on the head and she cowered. When she looked she realized that it was a small sheep. She picked it up and saw that it was a stuffed animal. She wondered how it could have gotten here. Then many sheep appeared out of nowhere and fell into the pit. They quickly buried Sakura.

The others on the outside heard Sakura scream. Shaoran ran over the hole and just began pounding it with his fist in desperation.

The trio were watching from a hidden location. Ruby Moon mused, "The little boy is giving his all."

Spinel Sun said, "He can't break Clow's shield no matter how hard he tries."

Eriole replied, "That (trying hard) is one of his good traits."

Sakura was wondering what she should do. If she used watery it would only hurt herself. Firey would cause her to get burned. Then she figured it out and pulled out The Erase. She turned it into a Sakura Card. Erase appeared and waved his disappearing cloak. Smoke came out of the cloak and grabbed the dolls. As the smoke wrapped around the dolls, they disappeared.

From outside, Eriole smiled and said, "Congratulations."

Sakura's friends saw a bright glow coming from the hole, much to their amazement. Then Kerberos commented that the shield had vanished. Shaoran ran to the hole, but Sakura flew out with her wings and slumped to her knees. She seemed to be dazed by the entire ordeal.

Shaoran asked if she was okay. Sakura said yes. Shaoran said, "Thank goodness." Sakura replied, "Thank you for worrying about me." Then Shaoran flushed.

Kerberos asked if she had gotten hurt. But she wasn't. They asked her what was inside and she said that there were stuffed animals of sheep. Then she said that it was definitely Clow Reed's magic at work.

Tomoyo asked what should they do about the penguin slide. Sakura said that they ought to do something about it. Tomoyo suggested that she could use The Power like last time to move the slide. Then she started filming again and asked Sakura to do the pose whenever she made a new card.

Sakura told Kerberos and Shaoran to turn around. They asked her why and she said, "Just do it!" So they did. Sakura threatened them that they better not look.

Sakura picked up the slide and dropped it over the hole. It somehow fit and assumedly the hole was filled. Tomoyo got excited filming this and said that Sakura was great. Then Sakura passed out again and the others ran up to her.

Spinel Sun asked Eriole if it was "fun". Eriole said that it was. But he said that it was going to be more fun later.

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