Card Captor Sakura episode 53

Sakura to Panic Jitensha
[Sakura and the Panic Bicycle]
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2000.03.26
Sakura was sweeping the front lawn, but she was feeling very tired. She tried to wake herself up by sweeping faster, but it didn't really work.

Eriole stopped by her house as he was returning from shopping (he had to cook that night). Eriole said that she was a hard worker. Then he asked if he could help. Sakura asked if it was okay since he still had to go home for dinner. Eriole replied that it was okay.


Sakura swept while Eriole held the dustbin for her. Sakura noticed that he brother's bike was in the front yard. Eriole asked if he could move it for her. She said that it was fine, and he moved it behind her.

While he was holding it behind her, he put his hand on the bicycle seat. He shot a glance at Sakura, who wasn't looking, and the seat started to glow. Sakura eventually turned around as if she felt something strange was happening. But then the glow had vanished. Eriole then moved the bike back to its original location.

Fujitaka appeared and said that dinner was ready. Sakura introduced her father ("a professor at the university") and Eriole ("a transfer student in my class") to each other. Sakura told her father that Eriole was helping her with the yard work, and he thanked him. Then Sakura asked if he could eat with them. But Eriole said that he had to get home. He said that he'd see Sakura tomorrow.

As he left, Eriole said, "It's going to get tough later tonight".

Sakura and her father were eating dinner together. Her brother was still out at work. Sakura was getting sleepy when her father asked how things were going at school. Fujitaka then asked if she was feeling okay. But Sakura quickly said that she was fine and quickly changed the subject saying that the food tasted great. She then started to eat very quickly.

Somebody suddenly came in the house. It seemed that Touya had come home unexpectedly because he had forgotten something.

He looked out at the window, and he noticed that there was an invisible aura around his bike. He asked Sakura if she had touched his bike. Sakura said that she only moved it to sweep the lawn. He told her not to ride his bike. Sakura said that she couldn't as her feet couldn't reach the pedals. Then Touya said to forget about it.

Then Touya snatched Sakura's last fried shrimp off her plate. Sakura got very mad, saying that he was cruel as she was saving the best part for last.

Then Fujitaka left driving the car. Kero-chan, who was watching from Sakura's room, commented that he left, and felt sorry for him as he had to work late. Sakura came into the room. Kero-chan asked if she brought him any dessert. Sakura showed that she brought "purin" (custard pudding). Kero-chan got very excited and began eating the purin very quickly.

Sakura said that she felt very tired, and Kero-chan said that the Sakura Cards took much of her energy away from her. She went to her drawer and opened up the Book of Sakura. All of the Sakura Cards danced around her, and this seemed to cheer her up.

Sakura noticed that the other Clow Cards were still in the book. She told that there was something strange about the cards. They were neither warm to the touch nor were they "genki". Kero-chan said that because Sakura couldn't use the Clow Cards, they were still "sleeping". Since they were sleeping, they couldn't "eat" (a part of Sakura's power). With enough time, they would lose their magic and become normal cards.

Sakura became very horrified and wanted to change all the cards. Kero-chan was going to tell her not to do anything rash as the Sakura Cards would be fine. But Sakura had already released the key into the baton.

She quickly began turning cards into Sakura Cards. They included The Sweet, The Lock, The Libra, The Sand, The Voice, The Change, The Wave, and The Dash.

Then she immediately collapsed on the bed after the last card was transformed. Kero-chan fanned her with his wings. He said that he couldn't believe that Sakura would be so reckless. But then the new Sakura Cards danced around her and she got happy again.

But Dash's card--the last card that she transformed--appeared to be unstable. It turned back into an animal and jumped out the window. It quickly absorbed itself into Touya's bicycle and ran away.

[eye catch]

Sakura was chasing the bike on her skates. Kero-chan was telling her that she was changing the cards when there was no need for them. As a result, Dash got confused and was panicking. It didn't know what to do.

Sakura turned The Windy into a Sakura Card. But Windy was too slow to catch the bicycle.

Then Sakura began calling Tomoyo on her cellular phone while she was still skating. Kero-chan started yelling at her because it was dangerous. But Sakura said that she had promised to call them if anything happened. It didn't matter as Tomoyo wasn't home and she only got her answering machine. Then she started calling Shaoran. Kero-chan became very angry because he had just scolded her. As you know, you should never talk on a cellular phone when you are moving. (^_^)

Shaoran was lying on the floor reading when the phone rang. When he realized that it was Sakura, he got excited and blushed. But then Sakura said that she needed help right away and he became serious.

Then Sakura used The Jump to try and catch up with the panicking bicycle. It eventually rode straight up the side of the school. When it got near the top, it stayed there (still on its wheels) on the side. Sakura tried to jump to catch it, but she couldn't jump high enough and missed it by a few feet.

Sakura started to fall. Shaoran then appeared and immediately used an ofuda to cast wind magic. A whirlwind appeared at the base of the building and it gave Sakura a soft landing. Sakura then thanked him.

Shaoran pulled out another ofuda to cast lightning at the bicycle. The bolts shot directly at the bicycle (which was still on the side of the building), but the bicycle was nimbly avoiding the blasts. The bicycle ran down the building to a corner. Shaoran said, "One more time..." and was going to use the lightning magic again. But Sakura grabbed him and told him not to do it. Sakura said that Dash wasn't evil and she didn't want him to hurt it. Shaoran said that he understood.

Sakura was debating with Kero-chan how they could capture the card. She asked if she could use Fly. But Kero-chan said that she couldn't, because it would know and it would be too fast. Kero-chan said that even in his true form, Dash would be too quick. Then Sakura got an idea and pulled out The Loop card. Kero-chan wasn't certain of her plan, but Sakura told him to trust her.

She turned The Loop into a Sakura Card. Then she used the card to warp the street so it wrapped around itself. The bicycle sensed that magic was being used and began to run again. But even though the bicycle appeared to be running away, it would end up back where it started, heading at Sakura who was waiting for it with open arms.

Eriole was watching the action and said, "I see. She used Loop. But will she be able to control it?"

Finally the bicycle stopped. Dash escaped from the bicycle seat and tried to fly away. Sakura then used Windy to grab it. Dash struggled to be free. Sakura told Dash not to struggle as it could fall and get hurt.

Then Sakura held the creature close to her as it was struggling in her arms. She apologized gently and told the animal that it would be okay. Eventually Dash stopped squirming and instead began licking her face. Then she asked for it to return to its card form. It did so and went back into her hands.

Sakura held The Dash with the other cards that she had used to capture it. She was pretty pleased. "You did it, Sakura," Kero-chan commented. Sakura said that her magic was getting stronger as she turned Clow Cards into Sakura Cards. She was mystified as to what exactly made one of the cards panic. Still, she was ready to face anything. Kero-chan let out a cheer.

Then she started falling backwards as she was becoming extremely tired. Kero-chan quickly got behind her and tried to keep her propped up. However, she was too heavy. Eventually Kero-chan was squashed underneath her and he started screaming for help. Shaoran then lifted Sakura and Kero-chan looked pretty dizzy.

Tomoyo then let out a scream. She had missed an opportunity to give Sakura a new battle costume, and she became very sad. Kero-chan said that it didn't matter as Sakura did splendid anyway.

Then Tomoyo said that it was cute just to video Sakura while she was sleeping. Kero-chan told her to take a video of him too. But Tomoyo replaced the camera batteries saying that the sleeping Sakura was cute. Kero-chan yelled at her some more to take a video of him.

Eriole was smiling a little as he watched them silently from the top of the school.

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