Card Captor Sakura episode 54

Sakura to Omoide no Calendar
[Sakura and the calendar of memories]
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  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2000.03.27
Sakura was in the kitchen making pancakes. She called out to her brother that it was time to eat. She then went to her father's room to tell him the same thing. She went in his room and noticed that he was looking at a pocket calendar. She looked at it and discovered that it was an old one that used to belong to her mother. Sakura asked if she could keep it. When Fujitaka said yes, she became very happy. Then she left his room. Fujitaka looked at an old picture that showed Nadesico as a young girl standing beside her father.


Sakura was at the breakfast table with everybody else. She was very happy while she stared at the calendar. Touya asked if it was their mother's and Sakura said that it was. Sakura saw that Touya's birthday was on it. She showed it to Touya. But Touya said that he didn't need a calendar to remind him of his birthday (?). Then she saw her own birthday (I think?) and she thanked her mother for remembering.

Touya then said that he would leave for school. Sakura quickly said that she would go too. Their father sent them on their way.

Sakura went to class and said good morning to everyone. When she sat down, Tomoyo asked if something good happened to her. Sakura got embarrassed and asked if it was that obvious. Tomoyo said that she could just tell with Sakura (I think?). Then Sakura showed her the calendar and explained its importance.

Yamazaki-kun started talking about the origins of calendars. I think that he was saying that it had something to do with cats. Sakura seemed to believe in the "story", although Chiharu was disappointed in listening to more of his lies. Then Eriole came into class. Yamazaki-kun asked if he knew about the origin of calendars. Chiharu said that he wouldn't be interested in his "stories". But Eriole seemed to chime along with the lies. It seemed that everybody else was shocked. Yamazaki-kun quickly developed a bond with Eriole because of this.

Touya was looking at a wall calendar in the music room. It made him remember of learning to play the (electronic) piano that they had at home with his mother. Then he began to play the grand piano in the room. It was a song that he had practiced and played with his mom.

When he finished, he heard clapping and realized that Yukito had entered the room quietly. Touya started playing the song again and explained that it was something that he learned from his mother. Yukito just closed his eyes and listened blissfully.

Then Touya was going to tell him something important. "You are..." he started. But then Nakuru screamed out about how incredible it was. Nakuru climbed in from outside through an open window. She immediately grabbed Touya tightly saying that she didn't know that he could play the piano so well. Then she told Yukito that the teacher was looking for him. Yukito left saying that he'd talk to Touya later. Touya just looked dazed as Nakuru was gripping him.

Meanwhile, Sakura was outside looking through the calendar again. She saw that Tomoyo's mother's birthday was listed on it. (Then she said something). Then she noticed that her grandfather's (Nadesico's father's) birthday was on it. Sakura realized that she didn't know her grandfather at all.


When Sakura went home, Fujitaka was shelling peas by the kitchen table. Sakura mentioned that her grandfather's birthday was coming soon. He looked at the calendar and said that it was. Then Sakura asked if her mother gave presents. Fujitaka explained that she did, but he never did. Sakura asked why and he explained that her grandfather didn't like him and considered him a bad person.

Sakura became very shocked. She said that her father wasn't a bad person at all. She said that her mother was most happy when they were together. And if she hadn't gotten married to her dad then she wouldn't have been born. Her father brightened a bit after she said this.

Sakura said that she would make a present to help thing. But she didn't know what to make. Fujitaka said that he liked flowers so perhaps making a flower holder would be nice. Sakura wasn't sure at her ability to make things, but her dad said that he could help.

Then Sakura started to sew the pieces together with her father's advice. She pricked herself once but was okay. As Fujitaka was drying the dishes, Sakura came in and said that she was finished. Then her father suggested that they just needed some flowers to go with it. However, it was late at night and there wouldn't be any flowers blooming now.

Then she got an idea and started to make a run to her room. Touya came home at that time and Sakura babbled something to him. Their father explained that she was trying to make a gift and Touya seemed to understand.

Sakura came into her room very quickly. Kero-chan was sitting by the door reading a manga. He got smacked by the door and bounced across the floor and got his head stuck in the VCR.

Sakura asked Kero-chan for his help. She wanted to know if she could use magic. Kero-chan asked her several questions and then allowed her (something like that). Sakura said the magic words and released the key. Then she turned The Flower into a Sakura Card. Flower appeared and nadesico (garden peony) flowers rained for some time. Then Flower returned to her card form. Downstairs Touya was playing the song that his mother taught him on the piano. Sakura was saying that her mother brought happiness to everyone: her father, herself, and her brother.

That night Sonomi came to the house. She accepted the presents being handed to her by Fujitaka. She seemed grateful, although she still seemed a bit resentful of Fujitaka. Sakura was watching this from her window.

The next morning Fujitaka got a phone call. It was from Sonomi and it concerned something with Sakura's grandfather.

He went out to Penguin Park. Sitting on a park bench was the grandfather. Fujitaka apologized for being a little late, and he sat down and talked. Apparently they hadn't seen each other since Nadesico and him got married. The grandfather had presents for both Touya and Sakura and presented them to Fujitaka. Then he said, as tears rolled down his face, that he was sorry. He finally understood that Nadesico was happy being with Fujitaka. I think that because Nadesico was only 16 that he didn't want to let her go, and that was why he hated Fujitaka. While they talked, nadesico flowers were blowing in the breeze. In the distance, you could see Nadesico as an angel watching over both of them.

When Sakura got home, Fujitaka said that there was a gift for her on the table. Then he told Sakura that her grandfather thanked her for the birthday gift. Sakura wanted to meet him very badly, but he said that he wasn't at home. Sakura seemed a bit disappointed as she wanted to meet him for once.

Sakura opened her gift and it was a dress. She quickly ran to her room. Kero-chan (with a bandage on his head) was sitting by the door again reading a manga. When Sakura opened the door, he got smacked again and bounced across the room and got his head stuck in the VCR. When he pulled his head out, he had another bump on his head in the same location. Then Sakura's clothes suddenly got thrown on top of him. He was still dizzy when Sakura ran out of the room again.

She went downstairs and showed the dress to her dad, and he said that it looked nice. It was a blue old-fashioned petticoat and it came with a matching headband. (Those bloomers really looked stupid, if I might add). Sakura asked if her grandfather and her father resolved their differences, and Fujitaka said that they had. Sakura held a picture of her mother--it was a winter scene with her holding nadesico flowers--and said, "Isn't that wonderful, mother?"

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