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  • Card Captor Sakura episode 69

    Sakura to Arawareta Clow Reed
    • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2001.01.28
    Eriol appeared before the cast and said that his name was Eriol, but in a past life he was Clow Reed. Sakura and the others were very shocked. Then "Supi" and Nakuru appeared as well. The others were equally surprised to see that they were involved. Then Eriol said the magic words and "released" his magical staff from his key. Then he asked for his partners to join him. Then Spinel Sun and Ruby Moon transformed into their true forms and flew up next to Eriol on the shrine's torii.


    Sakura figured out that all this time, the reason she kept dreaming about Clow Reed's was because of Eriol. Shaoran wanted to know if Eriol was truly Clow Reed. Kero-chan yelled at Eriol in disbelief. But Eriol called him Kerberos, and Kero-chan said, "Clow" quietly. Then he said, "It's nice to meet you again," and then his magic circle appeared. A large energy beam from the staff hit the sky.

    A black circle appeared above the shrine in the sky and began spreading. Both the sun and the moon were being eclipsed at the same time. Sakura saw that Tomoyo went unconscious and she caught her. Meanwhile, Yue and Touya were trying to get to the shrine. Yue felt Clow's presence, but then he saw that Touya had collapsed. He went and picked him up and said, "Clow..." quietly. The sky continued to darken until both the sun and the moon were totally eclipsed by the magic. It was quite dark in the city, and everybody in the city appeared to have been put to sleep at once.

    Then Shaoran looked like he was going to collapse. Shaoran asked what was happening. Eriol said that those that weren't strong in magic would be weakened by the spell, but they would have no memory of what happened to them (I think). Sakura demanded to know why he would do such a thing. But Eriol didn't have a clear answer. Eriol said that if she wasn't powerful enough to defeat the darkness, then everybody would remain in sleep forever.

    Sakura said that she wasn't in the mood to fight. So Eriol said that he would provide an incentive. Spinel Sun flew in the air and shot an energy beam from his mouth. Kero-chan immediately transformed into his true form and created a magic shield to protect Sakura. Then Spinel flew to flank him and shot another energy beam. Kerberos shot a breath of fire, and the two attacks neutralized each other. Eriol waved his magical staff at Spinel. Spinel became more powerful and shot another energy beam at Kerberos. Kerberos tried to use his fire attack again, but this time the beam punched through it and hit him. Kerberos fell, and he too stunned to stand.

    Spinel Sun and Ruby Moon seemed to think that it was all over. Then Spinel Sun flapped his wings hard, making a wall of wind that traveled toward Sakura and the others. The wind pushed them and they were about to slam into a wall. Suddenly a force field appeared around them and saved them. Yue had arrived on the scene in time, and he was carrying Touya. Sakura was shocked to see her brother unconscious, and Yue gently put him down on the ground.

    Then Yue saw that it was Clow. Yue demanded to know some answers from him. But Eriol didn't give him everything that he wanted, however. Then Ruby Moon said that she had always wanted to take on her predecessor. Eriol's magic circle appeared again, and Ruby Moon glowed with power. A ruby crystal appeared in her hands. From the crystal, a number of magical shards flew at high speed at Yue (it is just like Yue's magical attack). Yue flew off and avoided getting hit, but Ruby Moon chased after him. The ruby in her hands turned into a glowing dagger and she slashed at him. Yue tumbled to avoid her attack, but her last attempt cut into him. Ruby Moon said that she was going to cut him like a fish (I think).

    But then Kerberos got back up and flew next to Yue. He then challenged the two others. The four of them stared at each other in tension. But then Sakura screamed for them to stop. All of them stopped and stared. Then Sakura told Shaoran to take care of Tomoyo and her brother.

    Sakura said that she understood. She said that she would fight him. However, she asked that if Eriol is really Clow Reed, then why would he want to hurt people. She didn't understand it. He said that it was because of her magic. Then he asked if she wouldn't accept the challenge then was it was okay if he kept the others in suspended animation forever. Sakura screamed for him to stop.

    She hesitated for a second. Eriol raised his staff and cast a large fireball at her. Yue and Kerberos screamed for Sakura to watch out. Sakura used the Shield card to protect herself and the others on the ground. Then Sakura used the Jump card to try to get to Eriol. But she had to dodge a number of smaller fireballs that Eriol was shooting at her.

    Kerberos and Yue tried to assist her. But Ruby Moon and Spinel Sun flew in front of them. They said that they were not to interfere.

    Sakura almost made it to Eriol, but then she got hit with one of the fireballs. She started to fall, but Shaoran used one of his wind ofuda and protected her from hitting the ground. Eriol said quietly that using magic would drain his energy even faster. Shaoran almost collapsed, and Sakura went to him. Eriol said that when he ran out of magic power, then he would join the others in eternal slumber.


    She pulled out Windy and asked for it to help her. Then she cast Windy to go after Eriol, but he easily deflected it. Eriol asked her if she really expected him to be defeated so quickly. Eriol cast another fireball at her. Then Sakura used Fly to try to dodge, but Eriol kept casting more fireballs. One of them hit her wings and Sakura lost control and began diving toward the ground. Sakura fell through the trees and landed on some bushes.

    Kerberos and Yue immediately left to go to her. But Spinel Sun and Ruby Moon blocked them. Kerberos swore and breathed a massive breath of flame at Spinel Sun. Spinel Sun used an energy shield, but it eventually failed and he got blown back. Yue yelled for Ruby Moon to get out of his way, and he cast the crystal shard attack at her. As she was shielding the attack, Yue dove in with his crystal dagger and sliced at her. She moved out of the way just in time. Then both Kerberos and Yue went to Sakura's location. Afterwards, Ruby Moon and Spinel Sun said that they became very powerful when they were trying to protect someone.

    Sakura woke up and saw that all the Sakura Cards were now circling around her. She thanked them for worrying about her. She held out her hands and they all flew into a neat deck. Then she took out the other Clow Cards and wondered what to do about them. Then Kerberos and Yue flew down and asked if she was okay, but she said that she was.

    Sakura talked to the remaining Clow Cards. She asked them to please help her defeat Eriol and save everybody. Then she threw the last eight Clow Cards in the air and they formed a circle around her. Sakura's magic circle appeared and she turned them into Sakura Cards.

    Eriol congratulated her, but said that she hadn't gotten all the cards yet. Sakura looked and saw that she had only turned six of the eight cards. Both The Dark and The Light were still Clow Cards. Sakura wondered why they wouldn't change. Kerberos said that they were the most powerful cards in the deck, and Sakura didn't have enough magic by herself to turn them into Sakura Cards. But Sakura realized that the only way to break the darkness (and the sleep spell) around her was to use The Light.

    She tried to convert The Light card by itself. But it wouldn't turn and it simply fell to the ground. Everybody was still in the same state. Sakura didn't know what to do.

    Kerberos and Yue explained that they were the most powerful cards in the deck. Sakura asked them for advice. They replied that their magic was from the Light and Dark cards. So that meant that Sakura could use them for energy. Sakura asked if they would really be okay if she did that.

    But Eriol said that she didn't have much time left to break the darkness spell. However, he said that if she used her companions, then failure meant that they would be destroyed. Then Sakura screamed that she wouldn't do it. Sakura hugged Kerberos and wept, saying that she wouldn't use them. But Yue said to look at the others, and they were still unconscious. He said that the needs of the many outweighed the wants of a few. Then Kerberos said that he was certain that she wouldn't fail and they were going to be fine. Sakura seemed to accept it, but not willingly.

    Then Sakura stood at a distance and asked if they were ready. She formed the magic circle. Then Kerberos and Yue dissipated and their souls flew into the baton. After they did it, Sakura's baton changed shape. The rod grew in length and the star and wings shaped became very large and ornate. Sakura's baton had turned into a staff, but it looked like a battle standard.

    Sakura threw both Light and Dark into the air and tried to change them into Sakura Cards. You could see the force field trying to resist the change. Sakura begged for them to please change. But Sakura's energy was failing and it looked like she was going to faint.

    Sakura's hands were about to slip and drop the staff. But Shaoran's hands suddenly appeared and clasped his hands around hers so she wouldn't drop it. Shaoran said that he wasn't going to let her lose. Sakura said that if he helped her and then failed, then he would lose all of his energy. But Shaoran said that he'd be okay, because Sakura's magic was the strongest. Then Sakura said, "Let's go!"

    The magic circle around them glowed brightly and a wind appeared around them. The cards looked like they were being changed. Then Sakura looked at Shaoran and thought, "I'll absolutely save everybody."

    Sakura's magic circle suddenly exploded with power and the Light and the Dark turned into Sakura Cards. Sakura immediately called the The Light. The staff shot a burst of energy. A explosive burst of white light appeared in the sky and it spread. Soon the entire sky was as bright as noontime.

    Ruby Moon said that Eriol would not be able to use anymore magic. Spinel Sun asked if this was really all right with him. But Eriol said that it was fine, and was strangely pleased.

    Then Shaoran fell over, but he said that he was okay. Sakura thanked him. Then the staff glowed and released both Kerberos and Yue. Sakura's staff had returned to its prior shape. She then thanked them both as well.

    Then Tomoyo awoke. She said that she was okay, but she couldn't remember what had happened. Sakura asked about her brother, but Yue said that he was okay as he was just sleeping regularly.

    Eriol, accompanied by his companions, flew down and started to talk to Sakura. Kerberos and Yue got into a defensive pose. But Eriol said that it was okay. He said that there wasn't any other kind of magic except for Sakura's. Then all the Sakura Cards flew out of Sakura's pocket and circled around her. Sakura held out her hand, and they formed a deck in her palm. Sakura held the cards tightly, saying that it was now her magic.

    Kerberos was about to fight Eriol and the others but when he turned they had already vanished. Then he and Yue flew out to find them. Sakura was going to follow them, but then Shaoran called to her. Sakura went to him, and she held him because he was still weak. Shaoran said, "I... I love you." Sakura looked very shocked.

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