Card Captor Sakura episode 70

Sakura to Hontou no Omoi
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2000.10.08

Prior to all the episodes, the hostess (I can't read the kanji) has a short segment where she introduces the anime and shows off artwork sent in by children. For this episode, she introduced a special guest: Iwao Junko. Junko was wearing a white blouse with a black dress over it.

The hostess showed her all the drawings sent in by children. The drawings were all mounted on a wall. Normally they would be any drawings, but these were all drawings featuring Tomoyo in them. Junko acted as if she was impressed. Then she said in Tomoyo's voice, "It's so cute, Sakura-chan! It makes me so happy."

They talked for a bit about how the series was going to end today. Overall, I think that they said that it had been fun, but it was also a little sad that it was ending. Then they started the episode.

The episode didn't have a special opening animation, if you are wondering.

Sakura was sitting at her desk before school. She seemed lost in a thought, as her face had a neutral expression. She was remembering how the previous day, Shaoran told her that he loved her.

Tomoyo came into the class and said good morning to her, but Sakura didn't react. Then Tomoyo waved her hand in front of Sakura's face, and she didn't react. Finally, Tomoyo said loudly, "Sakura-chan, Sakura-chan!!"

Sakura finally looked at her and said, "Oh, Tomoyo-chan. Good morning." But she quickly returned to her solemn state. Tomoyo seemed bothered by this.

Shaoran was standing in the classroom doorway and seemed to have bothered to even walk into the room. He finally walked to his desk. Tomoyo said good morning to him, and he replied in turn. But Sakura got nervous and didn't turn around to look at him. He said good morning to her, and Sakura replied, but she didn't make eye contact. Tomoyo looked a bit sad, but she turned around and smiled a bit.

Terada-sensei came into the classroom and everybody stood and bowed. Then he said that Eriol was returning to England the next day. Shaoran, Tomoyo, and Sakura agreed that they would visit him later to ask him about the troubles that had occurred around town.

Later, everybody was at the front gate wearing somewhat fancy clothing. Kero-chan asked Sakura if this was it, and she said yes. Kero-chan seems to remember that he used to live here for a while, and the others concluded that his memory must have been erased.

As Sakura approached the gate, it automatically unlocked itself and opened with a loud creak. As they walked up to the front door, it opened by itself in a similar manner. Sakura and the others then entered the dark mansion.

As they walked to the main hallway, the wall sconces lit themselves one by wall, illuminating the path. Sakura said that she could feel Clow's presence, and Kero-chan agreed. They seemed to be troubled about something. Then the doorway at the end unlocked itself.

Sakura asked Tomoyo if she'd be okay with this. But Tomoyo pulled out her camera and said that she'd film her. They continued down the hall (with Tomoyo filming Sakura) and got to the inner doorway. Shaoran told Sakura to be careful. Then Sakura went into the dark room.

Suddenly, streamers and confetti shot in the air towards Sakura. Sakura screamed loudly. But then the lights came on and Nakuru was wearing a formal maid's outfit and was holding a party noisemaker. Then she welcomed everyone. Eriol was sitting at the table behind her, and the table was covered with all kinds of delicious food.

The three guests seemed very surprised.

Kero-chan became very vocal in his anger. Spinel Sun was working with a tea cozy and told him to sit down. This somehow made him even angrier.

Eriol then told them to sit. He said, "It's okay." Then Nakuru served all of them tea.

Eriol started to talk to them about why he was there, and why he wanted Sakura to make the Sakura Cards. Eriol said that he knew the cards would not last from Clow's magic after Sakura had captured all the cards. Therefore she had to convert the cards using her magic and make them into Sakura Cards. However, he knew that Sakura wasn't strong enough to do it herself, and it was dangerous just to use magic anywhere. Therefore he created situations where Sakura had to convert the cards one at a time to Sakura Cards. Then Sakura remembered how Clow Reed had told her that "he" was going to make trouble for her before all of this started.

Kero-chan asked Eriol why he couldn't have told Sakura about this plan. Nakuru said that if he did, then Sakura wouldn't have tried hard enough to convert the cards.

Spinel Sun went to Kero-chan and asked if he understood. Kero-chan angrily said, "Yeah, I get it!" Then he grabbed a cupcake and jammed it down Spinel's throat. Obviously, Kero-chan did not forget his last encounter with his "friend".

Eriol commented earlier that there are some things that neither Clow nor he had anticipated. Shaoran wanted to know what it was, but Eriol looked at him and then at Sakura. Then he said that it was best not to talk about it, and Tomoyo giggled knowingly.

Meanwhile, Kero-chan was busy trying to shove more cupcakes into Spinel Sun. Spinel was lying flat on his back in shock because a whole cupcake was stuck in his mouth. Kero-chan was jumping up and down on the cupcake trying to jam it down his throat.

Then Eriol said that there was somebody who had just arrived in Japan to see Sakura. He opened the door, and Sakura was very shocked.


Sakura, Tomoyo, Shaoran, and Kero-chan had an expression of shock. Mizuki-sensei was standing at the doorway. Kero-chan said that it was the miko from the shrine. Mizuki-sensei said, "Long time no see" to Sakura. Sakura asked exactly why was she here.

Eriol pulled out a chair at the table, and Mizuki-sensei sat down in it. Mizuki-sensei said that she knew Eriol when she went to the university in England. She learned that Eriol was Clow Reed in an earlier life and she wanted to help him. Eriol thanked her. Then Mizuki-sensei apologized for not being able to tell Sakura earlier.

Kero-chan then said that was the reason why she had the magical bell (which Clow Reed made) earlier. Then he continued to stuff himself with cake.

Later, because Spinel Sun had been force-fed, he turned into "Supi" and went crazy. Kero-chan said, "See, here's the weird guy!" Then Eriol left the room and closed the door.

Eriol talked to Yue, who was standing near a window in the hallway. I believe that Yue wanted an explanation for why Clow was here, and yet he never told him. Eriol said that he is not really Clow Reed, but Eriol, although he had Clow's magic and memories. Then he mentioned how important Yue was to Kerberos, and how Yukito was particularly important to Sakura.

The next morning, Wei answered the phone at Shaoran's apartment. Shaoran was getting ready for school, I think. Then Wei said that the call was for him. Shaoran told his mother that Sakura had converted all the Clow Cards to Sakura Cards. Then his mother told him to return to Hong Kong.

That week, Sakura sat at her desk listlessly. She watched Shaoran go to the blackboard and solve a math problem. Then after school, her girl friends came to her and said that Yamazaki-kun didn't tell a lie after Eriol left, and they wondered how long that would last. After they left, they commented about how Sakura didn't seem like herself. Finally, Tomoyo looked at Sakura and then she got her things and left her.

Sakura sat at her desk for a long time. She looked out the window, and then put her head on the desk. Finally she left the classroom, but Shaoran had been waiting the entire time. He asked if she had a minute.

They walked to the bridge. Sakura quietly said, "Well, I..." and then hesitated.

Shaoran said that he was very happy to have the opportunity to meet her. Sakura repeated her original phrase, "Well, I..."

Shaoran then said that he was glad that all of this was over. Suddenly Sakura interrupted him saying that he was a real help, and then she trailed off at the end of her speech.

Shaoran said thanks, and then he turned and ran home. Sakura called out to him, "Shaoran, wait! I..." But that was all that she could say.

Back at Sakura's house, Yukito and Touya were talking about Mizuki-sensei. Touya said that he finds Clow troublesome but Yukito said that he was grateful that Clow created him so he could be with Touya. Then Yukito saw Sakura enter the house and immediately run upstairs straight to her room.

Sakura lay on her bed, and Kero-chan tried to console her. Sakura denied that anything was wrong with her. Meanwhile, she thought about Shaoran told her that he loved her. She was thinking that maybe she did love Shaoran, and she knew the feeling was different than her feelings toward Yukito. But she didn't know if these feelings were really more than friendship.

The next day, Shaoran was wearing his jacket and he was on the phone with Meilin. She asked him about how things were with Sakura. He said that he said his piece to Sakura, but she had not replied yet. Meilin got furious and demanded to know what had happened. But Shaoran said that he talk to her later about it, and he hung up the phone on her.

Wei asked if he was ready to leave, and Shaoran said yes. He went to his desk and grabbed his bag. Then he looked at the teddy bear that he had made. It was still sitting on his desk. He turned away from it and told Wei, "Let's go."

Back at Sakura's house, Sakura came downstairs and said "good morning" to her father. Her father asked her why she wasn't as cheerful as she normally was. But then the phone rang and she went to get it.

Tomoyo was on the phone. She was in her choir uniform and she was about to perform. She had learnt from Terada-sensei (who came to cheer on the choir) that Shaoran would fly back to Hong Kong at 11:00am and he would not return to Japan again. Shaoran hadn't told anybody about this. It was already past 9am. Tomoyo was asking Sakura about what she was going to do, but Sakura had dropped the phone in shock and returned to her room.

Sakura looked down at the floor, and she said quietly that she didn't want him to go. Then she started to cry. A single tear rolled from her face and hit the floor. When it hit, Sakura's magic circle appeared around her. There were many bright flashes of light, and something was being created in front of her. When Sakura clasped her hands around the glowing entity, it solidified into a new Sakura Card and the magic circle vanished. Then Sakura stared at the card and knew what to do. (You could only see the back of the card).

At the airport, Shaoran was thinking that it would be okay this way. But before he could go down to the gate, Sakura called out to him. "Why...?" Shaoran asked.

"Well, I..." Sakura said.

Then Wei appeared and handed him a teddy bear. It was the bear that Shaoran had made and left behind in his room. Sakura asked if this was a present for her. Shaoran walked over to Sakura and handed it to her. Sakura's hands went to receive it, and their hands touched.

This was the end of the episode. They had a special ending where they pieced together a number of the important scenes where Sakura and Shaoran were together. The credits were flashed on top of the scenes, and they played "Platina" (the opening song) as the ending music.

After the credits, Sakura was standing by herself in the airport after Shaoran had left. Sakura said, "We'll see each other again." The Sakura Card that she had created appeared on the screen and turned toward the viewer. The card featured a heart and two wings.

Instead of a preview of the next Card Captor Sakura episode, the preview was for its replacement, "Da! Da! Da!".

Akko-chan, the heroine of this show, talked about how she was an American girl that was staying in Japan, and she would have all kinds of funny adventures in this "family comedy". (At least, I think that is what she said). The character designs look exactly like Saint Tail, so they are very cute.

Then they returned to the studio with the show's hostess and Iwao Junko. They talked a bit about all of this. They mentioned how they were still happy about all of this, and how they both liked Tomoyo.

A girl had written a letter to "Tomoyo" asking her what was going to happen. After all, Sakura has sealed all the magical Clow Cards, and I think that she felt bothered that there was no more magic in the world.

Iwao Junko had a response written for her. She then read it in Tomoyo's voice, and they subtitled it for younger viewers: "Everything's going to be okay. Because all of us make magic in our own hearts."

Then the hostess and Junko said goodbye to the viewers.

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