Card Captor Sakura Summer Illustration Award

  • Summary by Johann Chua, 1998.08.29
For this day, there was a special presentation instead of a new episode. The host (Mi[natsu?] Iizo) introduced the guests, Sakura Tange (Sakura-chan's seiyuu) and Aya Hisakawa (Kero-chan's seiyuu). Sakura and Aya did their character voices (very cute!) when they came on camera.

Sakura had short hair (pity, she looks better with long hair), was wearing a red-on-white spotted pattern dress with 3 stripes (ribbon in the middle) across the bodice and 2 stripes near the red-trimmed hem, a short-sleeved red jacket (unbuttoned), and red elevated sandals.

Aya had her hair done up, was wearing earrings, bracelet and ring on left hand, long-sleeved white shirt, black pants, a black jacket tied around her waist, and black shoes.

There were three large panels at the back, covered with viewer fan art.

After the introduction, they all sat down. Sakura and Aya had plaques in front of them with Sakura-chan and Kero-chan's pictures, respectively.

The host read some viewer mail with a question for each seiyuu, which they then answered.

There was a short quiz corner about Card Captor Sakura. Basically they showed a scene from the anime, stopped it and then you're supposed to choose the correct ending from three possible choices.

Next came the "battle costume collection" (clips from the anime showing Sakura's different costumes), followed by the battle costume illustration contest (new designs submitted by the viewers). The grand prize was a poster of Sakura-chan wearing her school uniform and rollerblading gear in a mid-air pose, signed by Sakura and Aya who also acted as the judges (one of Aya's picks was Sakura-chan in a Kero-chan kigurumi ^^). They awarded two ribbons each.

Afterwards, they played a music video of the opening theme Catch You Catch Me, featuring Gumi and scenes from the anime.

The awards then went out to the general viewer art. Again, Sakura and Aya picked two each (one of Sakura's picks was a picture of Kero-chan feeding Sakura-shan and one of Aya's is a picture of Sakura-chan's father).

The program finished up with Sakura and Aya making closing remarks in their characters' voices.

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