Tomoyo no Card Captor Sakura Katuyaku Video Nikki 2!

Tomoyo no Card Captor Sakura Katuyaku Video Nikki 2!
知世のカードキャプターさくら 活躍ビデオ日記2!

not for sale
released 2000.07.03
running time 5:00

This video is the "present" that one gets for buying all of the second season Card Captor Sakura TV series LDs (or videos). The total time is only 5 minutes. The only voices are Sakura (Tange Sakura), Tomoyo (Iwao Junko), Eriole (Sasaki Nozomu), and Kero-chan (Hisakawa Aya).

The story is..

[summary by Kevin Lew, 2001.01.10]

The story is that Sakura and Eriol were baking cupcakes at her place. Tomoyo was at Sakura's place because she just wanted to make videos of Sakura.

They had made six cupcakes. But then one of them mysteriously vanished. Everybody wondered where it had gone. But then three of them vanished the next time they looked. Sakura and Tomoyo got a suspicion and left Eriol downstairs.

Sakura went to her room, and Tomoyo followed (and kept filming). Kero-chan was completely tied up and was lying on a pillow. Sakura demanded to know if he ate all the cupcakes. But Kero-chan said that she didn't have any proof (I think). Sakura said that he better stay inside the room and slammed the door. Kero-chan laughed bitterly.

Eriol was watching this from a magical circle that he had created inside one of the mixing bowls.

The two of them returned downstairs, and Eriol said that he would have to leave, but he had left a cake for them. Sakura and Tomoyo watched it baking. Meanwhile, Kero-chan struggled to get out of his ribbon bindings. Then something "magical" happened where the binding just fell off of him. He got excited and decided that he was going to raid.

Sakura hid behind the counter when she heard something. Tomoyo used her video camera and saw that it was Kero-chan sneaking around the kitchen. Sakura said that she'd use the Clow Cards to teach him a lesson. Tomoyo got excited because she was going to use magic and she could film it.

Kero-chan saw the frosted cake and was trying to eat it. But the cake kept jumping around and he couldn't bite it. But then the cake vanished after he finally caught it.

Sakura was holding some Clow Cards (I believe "Create" and "Jump"), and she got furious. Sakura said that he did eat the cakes after all, and they got into an argument.

Meanwhile, Eriol was outside smiling. He was holding the ribbon that had been around Kero-chan.

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