Card Captor Sakura the Movie

title Card Captor Sakura the Movie
played in theaters 1999.08.21 - 1999.09.10
running time around 79 minutes
  • Summary version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1999.09.10

The guest cast list is as follows.

MagicianHayashibara Megumi
Li Ieran (Shaoran's mother)Inoue Kikuko
Li Fuutie (Shaoran's sister)Yamaguchi Yuriko
Li Shiefa (Shaoran's sister)Shibahara Chiyako
Li Fanren (Shaoran's sister)Okezawa Rika
Li Feimei (Shaoran's sister)Sugawara Sachiko
MakiMitsuishi Kotono

Sakura was going after a clow card (Arrow). But Arrow was shooting many arrows at Sakura, and Sakura was just trying to avoid the arrows. Then Shaoran came and helped Sakura get Arrow. But Meilin was upset that Sakura got the card, saying that Shaoran almost had it.

At night, Sakura had a dream. She was in a world of water. She thought she was going to drown, but she was able to breathe in the water.

The next day at school, the day before winter vacation, the teacher was passing out report cards. Sakura was very nervous. But when she looked at it, she felt relieved. She thought her grade in math was going to go down, but it didn't.

Tomoyo got her report card, and said that she got the same as last time. Sakura knew that meant Tomoyo did really well.

Finally Li Shaoran and Li Meilin went up to get their report cards. Shaoran was very nervous too. Meilin was full of confidence. But when Meilin looked at her report card, she was shocked and asked the teacher why she didn't get a perfect score..

Shaoran looked at his, and said that his was acceptable. He will be able to show it.

On the way home, Sakura and Tomoyo went to Maki's store. Sakura bought a notebook, that she was going to use for her homework. Then Maki asked Sakura to pull a ball out of a raffle box. She said that a lot of the other Tomoeda School kids had tried, but they all got the lowest prize.

Sakura stuck her hand in the box. But she didn't feel any balls. Then a ball popped out of the pile at the bottom, and went into Sakura's hand. Sakura got the gold colored one, which was the grand prize! The prize was a trip to Hong Kong.

Sakura asked her father about the trip, and he said that he couldn't go. But father said that Sakura can go with Touya and Yukito. Sakura was worried that Touya wouldn't go because he had his part time work. But Touya said that he would go if Sakura would do the household chores when it was his turn.

Sakura was very excited as this was the first time that she would ride an airplane. Sakura met Tomoyo at the airport, and was surprised that Tomoyo had her video camera. Tomoyo said that she would never pass up a chance like this, and also said that she had brought a lot of clothes for Sakura to wear.

Before they got on the plane, Touya told Sakura that she was supposed to take off her shoes before going on the plane. When Sakura was boarding, she took off her shoes. But the stewardess said that she didn't have to. Sakura realized that she had been tricked..

Kero-chan was hiding in Sakura's pouch.

They all arrived in Hong Kong. When they got in their hotel room, Kero-chan flew out of the pouch, and accused Sakura of forgetting about him. Sakura laughed. But Kero-chan said he would forgive her since they were in Hong Kong. Then he took took a look out the window, and asked where they were. He was surprised that Hong Kong had changed so much.

Then they all went sight seeing. Kero-chan said things had changed, but the feel of the magic energy was the same. Kero-chan said that nothing happens by chance, and that there must be some reason behind Sakura winning a trip to Hong Kong.

Sakura saw the same dream about water. She saw a mysterious woman calling for her.

They all went to a restaurant, and Yukito ordered a lot of dim sum. Sakura and Tomoyo were shocked. Sakura picked one up, and was surprised to see Kero-chan in the container eating the food. Touya became suspicious and asked for the container..

After eating, they went to Bird Street, which was a section with a lot of bird stores. Kero-chan said this part of town hasn't changed much.

Two white, exotic birds were watching Sakura. Sakura felt someone watching her. Kero-chan said he felt something too. He said that it wasn't clow card, but something evil.

Then Sakura spotted the birds, and went after them. She used her "jump" card and followed the birds by hopping around on the top of the buildings.

Sakura ended up near a well. Some strange force was drawing her toward it. Then Sakura started to go into the dream world again. Then Shaoran came by and told Sakura to wake up. Sakura woke up, but she fell into the well.

Meanwhile Tomoyo was walking around looking for Sakura. Then Tomoyo bumped into someone. It was Meilin. Meilin was surprised to see Tomoyo in Hong Kong.

Then they saw Sakura and Shaoran walking together. Sakura was all soaked. Then Touya and Yukito also came. Sakura said that she fell into a puddle.

Shaoran took everyone to his house so Sakura can change into some dry clothes. Sakura came out wearing a china dress. Suddenly, four older girls game and surrounded Sakura and Tomoyo. They started touching and feeling them, saying they were cute.

Then Touya and Yukito came. The four girls immediately rushed to them. Shaoran said they were his sisters.

Then an older beautiful woman came into the room. Shaoran stood up straight, and became frightened. It was Shaoran's mother.

She walked over to Sakura, and said, "I feel strong powers. You must have some clow cards. Strong powers can cause disorder, especially in Hong Kong." Then Shaoran's mother invited Sakura to stay over at her house that night.

Then mother asked Shaoran to show her his report card.

Later, Kero-chan said that Shaoran's mother (a relative of Clow Reed) had strong powers too.

That evening Sakura saw the dream again. The woman in the dream kept saying, "I've been waiting for a long time."

Then the robes of the woman stared to move and grab Sakura. It started to pull Sakura towards her.

Sakura screamed out, and woke up. Then Sakura looked at her arms, and saw the marks left by the robes. Kero-chan said that it wasn't just a normal dream.

Then Shaoran's mother came and took Sakura outside to a magic circle. She performed some magic on Sakura.

"You were called to Hong Kong."
"What should I do?"
"You're the only one who knows how you should proceed."

The next morning, Sakura and the others left the Li home. Shaoran's mother told Sakura to be careful of water.

Meilin and Shaoran took Sakura and the others around and showed them the city. Kero-chan was wondering why Sakura had been called to Hong Kong. Meilin was mad because she and Shaoran had to be with Sakura. But Shaoran said that his mother told him to be with her.

Sakura was in a shop, and saw a pretty hair ornament. She recalled that the woman in her dream also had one. Then Yukito came and bought it for her.

Then Sakura saw the two white birds again, and ran after it. Kero-chan felt some very strong energy from them. They weren't ordinary birds.

They were led to an old store. Sakura and Kero-chan went inside. Sakura heard the sound of dripping water.

Sakura found (was drawn to) an old book. On the cover was the woman that she saw in her dreams. Then some power took over Sakura, and controlled her. Sakura was in some trance, as the voice called her to come.

Sakura was going to open the sealed book, and Kero-chan tried to stop her. But since he wasn't strong enough, so he was going to bite her finger. But just at that moment, Touya and Yukito came into the store looking for Sakura.

Kero-chan had to go hide. But then Sakura opened the book. Sakura finally came to, but the store started filling up with water. Then they all got sent to a different world.

Sakura went up to the woman, but the woman was really upset. She asked, "Why did you come? Why do have the clow card?" Then she attacked Sakura.

Shaoran came and fought. All the others had been captured.

The woman yelled out, "I called for Clow Reed. Where is Clow Reed?"

Shaoran fought off the attack, as Sakura tried to save the others. Sakura was able to save Tomoyo, but the others were still trapped in the other world.

Back in the old store, Sakura and Kero-chan tried to find the book. Then Kero-chan finally remembered who the woman was. She was a fortune teller who used water. She was a rival of Clow Reed, and she felt bitter at him.

Tomoyo said that she must be dead by now. Kero-chan said that she used some magic to put her spirit in that book. She probably wanted to trap Clow Reed in the book.

Kero-chan said there must be some gateway between this world and her world. Then Sakura remembered the well on the cover of that book. It was the well that she went to the previous day.

They all went to the well. But there was a strong force field around it. They couldn't get in. Kero-chan said it was too strong for them.

Then they noticed someone coming. It was Shaoran's mother. She used her magic and created an opening in the force field. Sakura went in with Kero-chan.

Sakura and Kero-chan were in the space between worlds. Kero-chan said they will be trapped forever if they didn't go to the correct place. He told Sakura to concentrate very hard.

Then Sakura concentrated, and they went to a world. But it was different from the last one. Sakura thought that she came to the wrong place, but Kero-chan said he felt her energy. Then Sakura and Kero-chan ran toward the woman's energy.

They faced the woman.
"Why did you return?"
Sakura: "Let everyone go!"
"If you want them back, bring Clow Reed here."
Kero-chan: "We can't bring him here. He's.."
"I've been waiting for Clow."

Sakura then noticed that this woman must have loved Clow Reed.

The woman used her magic to attack Sakura and Kero-chan.

The woman kept attacking Sakura, in the sky above Hong Kong.
"Where is Clow Reed?"
"He's gone."
"That's a lie, a lie! He can't die. There's no way he can die.."

"I've been waiting for him all this time. I used all my power to wait for him, no matter how long it takes."

[flashback scene]

The woman was with Clow Reed. Clow gave her a present.

[end of flashback]

Clow Reed's voice: "Water is something that flows."

Then Sakura used her arrow card to attack the woman.

"You really loved Clow, didn't you. It's so painful. Losing someone you love. It's so painful.."

Sakura started crying.

"Did Clow Reed really die?"
"I've been waiting all this time.. There was something I wanted to say."

Then the woman started to break up. She finally evaporated.

Then everyone (Shaoran, Meilin, Touya, and Yukito) returned.

The next day, everyone was enjoying their last day in Hong Kong.

Kero-chan: We had a terrible day yesterday..
Sakura: That's no so. I want to say it too, my true feelings. I want it to be known. She had something she wanted to say to Clow.
Sakura: I hope I can say it someday.
Tomoyo: It would be nice if we can come to Hong Kong again.
Sakura: Un!

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