Game Walker Net - 1997.10.18

Yokoyama Chisa (Һ)
Don said that he went to Hawaii, to play.

They had the game sales information by Messe San'ou Akihabara.

They read letters for the "wild idea" games corner.

The theme for next month is "tsuushin taisen" games. (two games connected together, fighting/playing against each other)

The director said that Machiko sways when she reads letters.

The guest was Yokoyama Chisa. They read letters and talked.

Don said that Chisa and Machiko are very different. Chisa is quick, and Machiko is boke.. Chisa said that Machiko was swaying a lot.

Chisa said that she was sleepy. She's not a night type person.

The guest next week will be Kuwashima Houko.

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