Shiny Night - 1996.03.30

Neya Michiko (ëһ)
Araki Kae (ڹ)
Funk Me Baby (Neya Michiko)
Onegai Mister (Araki Kae)
There was no Gun Smith Cats drama, and the guests were Neya Michiko and Araki Kae.

Aya: If you say the title wrong, it's very dangerous.

Then Aya played Funk Me Baby by Neya Michiko, which is a bonus track song on the Gun Smith Cats Trigger Happy drama CD.

Aya: They say we can talk about anything, but let's try to promote Gun Smith Cats.

Aya: If I ask you about how it was to create the Gun Smith Cats roles, can you answer?
Aya: Did we do the video first?
Michiko: We did the song..
Kae: and the dance first.

Michiko: I think I went into this story very smoothly.

Aya said that the producer treats Kae like a little child. The songs were difficult for her, and he thought that Kae was going to start crying.
Kae: It was difficult, but I wasn't going to cry. Everyone was worrying about me.

Aya: How long ago was that?
Michiko: Last June or so.
Aya: It's already been one year.

Aya: That image song was a pretty cool song. They made us do a cool dance too.
Michiko: That was a cool dance.
Aya: They gave us a cool dance for the event.
Kae: That was hard. I didn't think I could do it.
Aya: The costumes were great too. Neya-chan had her belly button showing! She's also wearing a mini-skirt today.

Aya: We already did the voices for volume 2. We haven't seen it yet though.

Aya: Any thoughts on the video?
Michiko: There is a new character in volume 2. It was a car chase and the action was fast.
Aya: Yeah, it was hard to look at the script and look up at the screen.
Michiko: I didn't read the script. I just memorized the lines.

Then Aya read some letters from listeners, and Michiko and Kae commented on them.

Kae can't drink now. She used to be strong in the past, but now she doesn't drink any more.. Michiko can't drink. Aya can't drink either.

Kae: I retired from alcohol.

Michiko went to a high school with not so many boys. There were seven classes in her grade, and only two had boys. She was in one of the classes with boys. Kae was in a normal co-ed high school. Aya went to a girls' school.

Michiko and Kae were eating cakes while Aya was reading letters.

Then they played Onegai Mister by Araki Kae, which is on the Gun Smith Cats Another Story Of Rally, May & Becky drama and vocal CD.

Michiko: The story will get interesting as it goes to the final episode.

Kae: May will sing a rap song.

Aya: There will be a lot of bonus tracks (songs) by Michiko and Kae.

Kae: Around summer, I'll have a CD with songs and drama with Yoshida Konami.

Michiko: The Fam and Ihrlie vocal CD will come out on 5/1.

At the end, they left the mike on as Aya, Michiko, and Kae just talked.

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