Anata ni Aitakute, Hoshino Asuka

This drama is on the Sentimental Graffiti 8 Hoshino Asuka CD, track 3.

Asuka was playing (going down a water slide) at an amusement park, but she was alone, as all of her fiends had been picked up by some boys.. The girls of Seika Joshi were very popular, and many of them wanted boy friends.

Asuka also wanted a boy friend, but she wasn't in that much of a hurry. She was still thinking about that boy she had met in junior high.

Asuka liked to listen to the stories of the boy, as he talked about all of the places that he had lived. She realized that she liked the boy, after finding out that the boy was going to move away.

Asuka promised to go watch a movie with the boy. But she got sick and woke up late that day. Asuka cried on her bed the whole day.

After getting better, Asuka went to school to apologize, but the boy had moved away.

Asuka still had the ticket for the movie. She wanted to apologize to the boy, and tell him her true feelings.

Then Asuka decided to go see the boy.

[Sentimental Graffiti audio drama]

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