Ano Hi no Kimi no Mama de Ite, Matsuoka Chie

This drama is on the Ano Hi no Kimi de Ite 2 CD, track 3. The first part was aired on the radio, but the part of Chie in Tokyo wasn't aired.

Chie in Fukuoka

Chie was fighting with her younger brother, Shingo. Shingo said that Chie couldn't sing a love song, because she was such a tough girl.

In order for her band to get the proper treatment, they needed to have a ballad. Since Shingo was a fan of Chie's band, he wanted her to sing a ballad.

Chie wanted to sing a love song too.. for "him". It was a song that she wrote for him. But she also knew that she couldn't keep going on without singing a love song forever..

Then Chie thought that she should go meet the boy and sing the love song to him. Then she can restart the time that had been stopped.

Chie decided to go to Tokyo.

Chie in Tokyo

Chie went to Tokyo, and found the boy's house. She rang the doorbell, but nobody was home. So Chie decided to write a letter. "Do you remember me? That day, and those memories.." But Chie didn't write her name. She wanted the boy to come to Fukuoka, because she wanted to sing that song to him.

[Sentimental Graffiti audio drama]

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