Ano Hi no Kimi no Mama de Ite, Nagakura Emiru

This drama is on the Ano Hi no Kimi de Ite 2 CD, track 5. The first part was aired on the radio, but the part of Emiru in Tokyo wasn't aired.

Emiru in Sendai

One of Emiru's friends came up to Emiru and hugged her. Emiru's "love fortune" had come true. She had said that Mako would meet someone at the train station, and Mako actually met someone on the way home from the train station. It was a cool guy, and thing were going well with him.

Mako told Emiru that she should get a boy friend. But Emiru said that her "darling" went away. Then Mako suggested that Emiru should do the "love fortune" on herself.

Emiru did the fortune at home.. But she was very scared. She wondered if "darling" had remembered her.

Emiru built up her courage, and finally pulled her card. She got an "Ace of Hearts". It meant that if she goes to meet him, her feelings will come true. So Emiru decided to go see "darling".

Emiru in Tokyo

Emiru went to Tokyo and arrived at her darling's house. She rang the doorbell, but since she was embarrassed, she snuck away to just get a peek of darling. But the boy wasn't home. Emiru was sad, but she decided to write a letter. "Do you remember me? That day, and those memories.." Emiru didn't write her name, because she wanted him to look for her.

[Sentimental Graffiti audio drama]

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