Ano Hi no Kimi no Mama de Ite, Sugihara Manami

This drama is on the Ano Hi no Kimi de Ite 1 CD, track 1. The first part was aired on the radio, but the part of Manami in Tokyo wasn't aired.

Manami in Takamatsu

Manami woke up in the morning and was feeding the birds. She noticed that one of the birds was alone (not with its partner). Then Manami started crying, as she started thinking about "that person". Then the other bird (partner) came flying to join the bird that was with Manami.

Manami: If I had wings like you, I would fly to him..
Manami: If I had courage, I can go to him..

Manami's mother called for her. She asked Manami what she was talking to the birds about. Manami said that it was a secret. Mother said that she would ask the birds..

Then Manami said that she wanted to go to Tokyo next Sunday. She wouldn't tell her mother the reason, but she asked her not to tell her father. (Manami's father was overly protective of her, even though she would be 18 soon.) Manami's mother said that it was all right, but that Manami would have to return before night.

Manami wondered if "that person" still remembered her. She wished that he was still the same as she remembered.

Manami in Tokyo

Manami went to Tokyo. She found that the air was bad, but she tried her best to go to the boy's house. Then she arrived in front of his house. But Manami became scared and couldn't go see him. So she decided to write a letter, "Do you remember that day.." Manami was too scared to write her name. She thought that he would come looking for her if he remembered her.

[Sentimental Graffiti audio drama]

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