Ano Hi no Kimi no Mama de Ite, Adachi Taeko

This drama is on the Ano Hi no Kimi de Ite 2 CD, track 6. The first part was aired on the radio, but the part of Taeko in Tokyo wasn't aired.

Taeko in Aomori

Taeko was cooking for her little brother, Jun, as their mother was out. Jun asked Taeko to give him the rice, but Taeko told him to do it himself. Then Taeko gave him the miso soup.

When Jun complained, Taeko said that he wasn't cute. But he said that Taeko wasn't cute, because she didn't have a boy friend. Then Jun ran off. Taeko said that she didn't want a boy friend.

Then Jun came back and asked for more miso soup. He said that she became better at cooking again. Jun said that the man of the grocery store said that he would propose to her if he was ten years younger. Taeko said that he would 48 years old even if he was 10 years younger.

Jun said that Taeko was having an affair.
Taeko replied, "Where did you learn that! Why is it an affair?"

Then Jun said that their mother told him that Taeko was going to marry the boy who used to live on the second floor. Taeko yelled at Jun, but Jun said that she became red. Then Jun ran off.

Taeko recalled how the other kids teased her before, when she was with him. She remembered that he promised to marry her, if she becomes good at cooking miso soup.

Taeko wondered if he was eating all right. She wondered if he had a girl friend. She wondered if he remembered her.

Taeko thought that maybe he didn't have a girl friend. She wondered if she should cook some food for him and go see him. Then she decided to go see him.

Taeko in Tokyo

Taeko went to Tokyo, and arrived at the boy's house. She had brought the groceries to make miso soup. Taeko rang the doorbell, and wondered if he would remember her. She knew that she would recognize him, even though it had been a long time since they met. But nobody was home. Then Taeko decided to write a letter. "Do you remember me? That day, and those memories.." She decided not to write her name. Then she said to herself, "I'll be waiting with some delicious miso soup. I'll say welcome home."

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