Ano Hi no Kimi no Mama de Ite, Nanase Yuu

This drama is on the Ano Hi no Kimi de Ite 1 CD, track 4. The first part was aired on the radio, but the part of Yuu in Tokyo wasn't aired.

Yuu in Hiroshima

Yuu climbed mountain at night, but some boy was there already. The boy told her to go away, but Yuu said that she came to see the stars.

Yuu said that she had a secret place in Hiroshima too, where she has a lot of memories. She played with a mysterious transfer student. It was just two months, but it was the best two months of her life.

Because Yuu met this little boy, she said she felt like going to see "her" boy. The boy told Yuu to go. Then Yuu made up her mind, and started to go off to Tokyo.

Yuu wondered how the boy would be. She wanted him to be the same as she remembered.

Yuu in Tokyo

Yuu went to Tokyo. It had been a while since she had come to Tokyo. She found the boy's house pretty easily. "If I push this interphone, I won't be able to return.." Yuu thought that she might be a nuisance to the boy, so she didn't push the button. She decided to leave a letter, "Do you remember me.. that day.." But Yuu didn't write her name.

[Sentimental Graffiti audio drama]

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