drama CD Sugihara Manami

There are three drama on the character collection drama CD. They are based on the Sugihara Manami profile card, poster dream, and graphic card.

All of these drama are monologues (100% spoken by the girl).

drama 1 (profile card)

The boy was staring at Manami, because she was wearing school uniform. When they had met before, Manami wasn't going to school, so she wasn't wearing her uniform. Manami was worried about how he felt about her. She wanted to become stronger, for him.

Manami said to herself that she loved the boy.

drama 2 (poster dream)

Manami's mother told Manami that she had became stronger and more cheerful. The boy agreed, and Manami said that it was because of him. The boy also said that he becomes cheerful when he meets Manami.

Then it was time to part, and Manami became sad. Recently she becomes sad when she meets the boy, when she should be happy. Manami thought, "Why do you come see me? Because you pity me? or.."

drama 3 (graphic card)

Manami and the boy went to the forest. It was Manami's dream to come to this forest again. Then Picchi-chan came flying. It was the little bird that they had saved in the past. Picchi was a father now.

Picchi came to Manami, and he wasn't scared. Manami said that he must know that the boy was the one who saved him. Then there were three other little birds on a nearby rock. That was Picchi's family.

Manami though to herself, "I get jealous when I see them. I want to.. someday.. with you."

[Sentimental Graffiti audio drama]

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