drama CD Morii Kaho

There are three drama on the character collection drama CD. They are based on the Morii Kaho profile card, poster dream, and graphic card.

All of these drama are monologues (100% spoken by the girl).

drama 1 (profile card)

The boy came to see Kaho after school. Kaho was with all of the other girls, and they stared at the boy, as they were all "fans" of Kaho. The boy laughed, and Kaho said that she's very popular.. with the girls.

The boy wondered if the other girls would think of him as Kaho's boy friend. Kaho said that they would probably ask her a lot of questions the next day.

drama 2 (poster dream)

Kaho cooked an okonomiyaki for the boy. The boy ate it and said that it was very delicious. He was happy to eat something "handmade" by Kaho.

Then Kaho asked the boy to go shopping with her. The boy said that he would go.

drama 3 (graphic card)

Kaho got a lot of towels, hair bands, and other things for her birthday, from her female friends in school.. She got more this year than in previous years. But She was slightly disappointed. Kaho was hoping that she got something from the boy, but she knew that he was in Tokyo. She wanted at least a letter. Kaho didn't understand why she kept thinking of the boy recently.

Then someone called out for Kaho. It was the boy. He had come to Osaka just now, to give Kaho her birthday present. Kaho was very nervous and couldn't look at the boy. The present was jogging shoes, and Kaho was very happy. She wondered why the boy knew her shoe size. They had gone to America Mura together in the past to buy shoes, and he had remembered Kaho's shoe size.

[Sentimental Graffiti audio drama]

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