drama CD Sawatari Honoka

There are three drama on the character collection drama CD. They are based on the Sawatari Honoka profile card, poster dream, and graphic card.

All of these drama are monologues (100% spoken by the girl).

drama 1 (profile card)

Honoka accidentally ran into the boy, as he had come to Sapporo. The boy said Honoka's school uniform was cute. But Honoka asked him not to look at it with "ecchi" eyes, because it was a mini-skirt.

Then Honoka and the boy walked around together. But Honoka didn't want to go to Oodoori Kouen. So Honoka and the boy went Paseo (?).

drama 2 (poster dream)

Honoka and the boy went to date in Oodoori Kouen. This was where Honoka's father and mother went on a date, and Honoka always wanted to walk here with the boy. But she quickly said that there wasn't any deep meaning behind it

There were some of Honoka's friends there to "see" the boy. Her friends were worried about the boy, since Honoka didn't have any experience with boys. So Honoka wanted to show him off to put their fears at rest. The boy asked if Honoka wasn't worried about him being thought of as her boy friend. Honoka said that she didn't mind.

drama 3 (graphic card)

It was Honoka's birthday, and the boy said that he would buy her a present. Honoka said that it was just good enough to see him. She thanked him for always coming to Hokkaidou to see him. She was worried about his health, and told him to take care of himself. The last time Honoka went to Tokyo with her father, they went to Tokyo Tower.

The boy said he wanted to buy a present for Honoka. Honoka thought it would be better to act cute and accept the present, so she said that she wanted a stuffed doll. It was a "cute" one that reminded her of the boy.

[the graphic card has Honoka holding an "ugly" doll..]

[Sentimental Graffiti audio drama]

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