drama CD Nagakura Emiru

There are three drama on the character collection drama CD. They are based on the Nagakura Emiru profile card, poster dream, and graphic card.

All of these drama are monologues (100% spoken by the girl).

drama 1 (profile card)

Emiru met "darling" on her way home from school. The boy told her that her sailor fuku was cute. Emiru said that it was too cute, and that she was mistaken for a junior high girl often. The boy told her that it wasn't the uniform, but her that was cute.

Then they went to eat cake, but boy had to leave Sendai that day. Emiru said she was happy to see him, even if it was just for a short time

drama 2 (poster dream)

Emiru and boy were at the zoo. After walking around a lot, Emiru started crying. She had worn cute shoes, but they were too tight. So the boy carried her on his back.

Emiru said she wanted to go see the panda at the zoo in Tokyo. The boy promised to take her, and Emiru was very happily looking forward to going on a date with the boy.

drama 3 (graphic card)

Emiru and boy were at the sea. She wanted to walk along the beach with the boy. Emiru said that the boy kept staring at Emiru's skirt (in a sort of ecchi way). But she was happy that the boy said that she was cute.

Then Emiru wrote, "Darling daisuki, by Emiryun" in the sand. But the wave washed the words away before the boy could read it.

This was Emiru's birthday present. The boy asked if this was ok, and Emiru said that it was, because she was born on "the day of the sea" and it was always her dream to come to the sea with him. Then Emiru became embarrassed and pounded the boy.

[Sentimental Graffiti audio drama]

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