drama CD Nanase Yuu

There are three drama on the character collection drama CD. They are based on the Nanase Yuu profile card, poster dream, and graphic card.

All of these drama are monologues (100% spoken by the girl).

drama 1 (profile card)

Yuu was riding her bike along the beach. She suddenly spotted the boy. The boy had come to Hiroshima to see Yuu. Yuu said that she always meets the boy "by chance", so she wondered if there was some destiny between them. Since the boy had to return the next day, Yuu said that she wanted to stay with him until night, so she can show him the stars. Then they rode off to the lighthouse.

drama 2 (poster dream)

Yuu and the boy went to Onomichi. They sat down to talk. Yuu and the boy had come here before, during the summer that the boy lived in Hiroshima. Yuu said she still remembers everything about that summer.

"Why do I keep traveling? It's because of you." Yuu had listened to many stories of the boy, of his travels to many places, and she wanted to see the places herself. Yuu said that the same stars look differently from different cities.

Then Yuu asked the boy, "Why do you come to Hiroshima so often?" The boy said that he comes just to see Yuu. "Thank you.. but don't try too hard. I don't want to be a nuisance to you."

drama 3 (graphic card)

It was Yuu's birthday (December). It was getting cold at night, but Yuu wasn't feeling cold. She had gotten a scarf from the boy, and the boy was sitting next to her. Yuu said that her heart was getting warm being close to the boy. She said she was getting scared of the boy's kindness.. and herself drowning in it. Then it started snowing.

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