drama CD Special

There are twelve drama on the character collection drama CD. These drama are based on the pictures of the special cards for each girl.

All of these drama are monologues (100% spoken by the girl).

Adachi Taeko

Taeko wanted to knit a sweater for the boy's birthday. But she measured his sizes, and found out that he was much bigger than she thought. So Taeko decided to make it a scarf. She wanted to give him a hand-made present, so her feelings would reach him.

Nagakura Emiru

Emiru was holding, and talking to, Pikko-chan (her large, yellow stuffed chicken doll). She was wondering if "darling" thought of her as a girl friend. Emiru loved him so much, and she wanted him to think of her as his girl friend, not a younger sister. She didn't know why she wanted to be with him so much. Then Emiru said that she wanted to see "darling" in her dream, and went to sleep.

Yamamoto Rurika

Rurika just got out of the shower (after coming home from her part time work at a convenience shop). Her brother wasn't around, so she just went out wearing a bath towel. She went to the refrigerator and drank some mineral water. Then Rurika got a phone call from the boy. She was embarrassed (because of what she was wearing), even if it was just a phone call, and told him that she would call him back.

Morii Kaho

Kaho was stretching her muscles before going to sleep. The boy hadn't called in a while, so she was wondering what he was up to. She thought of calling, but she didn't want to be a bother to him. Kaho wanted to run with him again. She thought of entering him in the Kohan Marathon, so she can run with him.

Ayasaki Wakana

Wakana got out of the bath. She was looking forward to meeting the boy the next day. She wondered where he was going to take her. Wakana had been waiting to meet him for a while.

Sawatari Honoka

Honoka woke up early. For some reason, she didn't need an alarm on the days that she planned on meeting the boy. She was looking forward to going out with the boy. Honoka was wondering what she should wear. She decided to wear the red mini-skirt, that the boy said was cute before.

Nanase Yuu

Yuu was watching the twinkling stars. She felt at ease when looking at the stars Yuu was wondering what the boy was doing. Then she decided to go on a trip the next day. Yuu wanted to see the stars as they are visible from his town.

Endou Akira

Akira was trying out the new face lotion that she bought. It seemed to fit her well, and everything was just right. Akira wanted everything to be at the best condition, as she was going to see the boy the next day. She wanted to sleep early, as that is best for her beauty.

Hosaka Miyuki

Miyuki was in the bath. She liked the bath, as she can forget about everything. She can also take off her glasses and be herself. Miyuki was thinking about the boy. She wanted him to come visit her. Miyuki had never let anyone see her without her glasses, but now she wants to show him. She wanted him to know everything about herself.

Hoshino Asuka

Asuka called the boy. They were going on a date the next day, and Asuka was really looking forward to it. The boy asked what Asuka was wearing. Asuka said she was embarrassed. It was just after she had gotten out of the bath, and she was rolling around on her bed.

Sugihara Manami

Manami woke up and opened the curtain. She said, "Good morning" to the other birds. She was feeling very happy as she received a phone call from the boy, who said that he was going to come to Takamatsu to see her. Manami told the birds that she would go to the forest with some food for them later on.
"What should I do? I've fallen in love with him so much.."

Matsuoka Chie

Chie's album turned out well. She has to try her best, so she can debut as a professional. Then she can go meet him in Tokyo. Chie wondered when she would be able to sing that song for him. She knew that she had to be more honest with herself when he is around.

[Sentimental Graffiti audio drama]

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