Saikai 5 Byoumae, Deatta Koro no Youni, Matsuoka Chie

This drama is on the Saikai 5 Byoumae, Deatta Koro no Youni 1 CD, track 2.
The monologue after meeting the boy was not aired.

Before meeting the boy

Southern Black, the rock band that Chie was a member of, finished their live performance. The master of the store came and told Chie that this was the best performance that he had seen. He asked if something good had happened. Chie said there wasn't anything.

Chie said to herself that she wrote a letter to "him", saying that she wanted to meet him. But she couldn't even write her name.

Master asked if Chie got a boy friend. Chie denied it, but master said that her face was red.

After the master left, there was a knock on the door. Chie opened the door, and was shocked.

Chie: You! It can't be..

After meeting the boy

Chie said that the boy hadn't changed. But Chie couldn't say everything she wanted to. The boy promised to come again, and Chie gave him her phone number. Chie said that she would wait for the day she can sing her song for him.

[Sentimental Graffiti audio drama]

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