Saikai 5 Byoumae, Deatta Koro no Youni, Morii Kaho

This drama is on the Saikai 5 Byoumae, Deatta Koro no Youni 1 CD, track 3.
The monologue after meeting the boy was not aired.

Before meeting the boy

After track practice, the coach was talking to (scolding) Kaho. He said that she should be able to run faster and more consistently.

Kaho did very good that day. When the coach asked why, Kaho thought about it said that she felt good recently. Then the coach asked her to run well even on days when she isn't feeling good. But Kaho ran off because she had to to work.. but the coach caught her.

The coach asked if Kaho got a boy friend. He said that when a girl's performance improves drastically, it's because of a boy. Kaho denied it, but the coach said that it was all right.

Then the coach told his story of himself, and his wife. Kaho had heard this story many times, and ran off while he was telling his story.

Later Kaho was working at her grandmother's okonomiyaki store. It was very busy.

Kaho said to herself that she went to Tokyo, but couldn't meet "him". She just left a letter, but this made her feel much better.

Then the door opened..
Kaho: Welcome! You are..

After meeting the boy

Kaho said that the boy left right away, so she couldn't speak with him that much. She had so many things to say, but she couldn't say anything. Then she went out to run. Kaho said that her body was feeling very light, like before when she was running with the boy. She still wanted to give him the baton that she had been keeping for all these years.

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