Saikai 5 Byoumae, Deatta Koro no Youni, Hosaka Miyuki

This drama is on the Saikai 5 Byoumae, Deatta Koro no Youni 2 CD, track 3.
The monologue after meeting the boy was not aired.

Before meeting the boy

Miyuki was helping out in the store (parents' kimono store). She was wondering if the boy had read her letter.

Miyuki's mother came and asked if she wanted to go to a university in Tokyo. Yukari (Miyuki's sister) had told mother that Miyuki had gone to Tokyo to look at some universities. She wondered how her sister knew that she had gone to Tokyo. But Miyuki told her mother that she had just gone to see a friend.

Then Yukari came home, and Miyuki went to talk to her. They got into a fight, as Yukari said that she found the ticket to Tokyo in Miyuki's room. Miyuki got upset that Yukari went into her room.

Yukari also said that Miyuki must have gone to see her boy friend, but Miyuki said that it wasn't so. Miyuki thought to herself that it would be rude for her to be called his girl friend.

Then Miyuki said she hated her sister, and ran out of the store, into the street. Miyuki wasn't looking were she was going, and she ran into someone. When Miyuki recovered, she looked up and recognized the person..

After meeting the boy

Miyuki was very happy that the boy had remembered her. She couldn't believe it. She noticed that the boy was the same as before. But Miyuki couldn't figure out how to explain him to her mother and sister. Then she also decided to go to a University in Tokyo.

[Sentimental Graffiti audio drama]

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