Saikai 5 Byoumae, Deatta Koro no Youni, Ayasaki Wakana

This drama is on the Saikai 5 Byoumae, Deatta Koro no Youni 2 CD, track 5.
The monologue after meeting the boy was not aired.

Before meeting the boy

Wakana was doing archery, and she was thinking about the boy. She left a letter with her feelings, but she didn't write her name. Wakana wondered if the boy remembered her, and knew that the letter was from her.

Then her grandfather came by. He wondered if Wakana was feeling troubled.

Wakana and her grandfather talked about the omiai (arranged marriage) that he had suggested to her. It was with a high class kabuki actor who liked Wakana.

Wakana wondered if she was good enough for such a person, but her grandfather said that there weren't many "good" girls left, especially with all the "kogal" in Tokyo.

Then he recalled Wakana going to Tokyo recently. He asked if she saw the kogal, but Wakana said that she didn't. Then her grandfather asked if she went to Tokyo because of the omiai. But Wakana said that it didn't have anything to do with it. Grandfather thought that there was a boy that Wakana wanted to marry in Tokyo.

After her grandfather left, Wakana tried to calm herself, and got ready to do archery again. Then Wakana heard some footsteps.

Wakana: Is there anyone there..
Wakana: You are.. Oh, watch out!

After meeting the boy

After the boy left, Wakana was still thinking about the boy. Since she was always remembering the images from the past, she was surprised that the boy had grown so big.

Before meeting the boy, Wakana was sad and wanted to see the boy just once. But now she was sad because she wants to see him all the time.

[Sentimental Graffiti audio drama]

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