Omoide no School Days, Hoshino Asuka

Kaettekita Sentimental Night, 1998.05.12
Omoide no School Days 1, track 2
At the end of school, the principal made an announcement on the school PA system. Asuka thought the principal sounded pretty upset. Then he called a student to his office. It was a student in 3C number 33, Hoshino Asuka.

Asuka wondered what she had done to cause the principal to call her to his office. She had her manga taken from her the previous day,

When Asuka went into the office, she apologized right away, but the principal said that he hadn't heard of any problems.. Then the principal asked Asuka to read the graduating message. But Asuka refused. She said that she didn't want to waste time practicing for it.

Just as she was going to leave, the principal said that he had the manga that Asuka had taken from her the previous day. But Asuka said that she had read it all, so she didn't want it any more.

Then the principal said that there was a letter inside the manga. It said, "to my dearest Hoshino-senpai". Asuka said that she had gotten the manga from a second year student, Ueno Mika (2A), who had been in the same school as Asuka since grade school.

Asuka then read the letter. Mika said that she was going to read the message by the underclass, and she asked Asuka to be the one who read the graduating message. She said that it was her dream.

Then Asuka said that she would do it.

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