Omoide no School Days, Morii Kaho

Kaettekita Sentimental Night, 1998.06.02
Omoide no School Days 1, track 6
Someone said that they saw Kaho riding a motorcycle, and told the teacher. The teacher called Kaho and told her to come see him. Kaho didn't want to go, as she had to work at her grandmother's store.

Kaho went to teacher's office. The teacher was nervous and didn't know how to ask Kaho about the motorcycle.

The teacher asked Kaho about her college plans. But Kaho got into college by recommendation, so she didn't have to worry about exams.

He asked if Kaho had any worries. Kaho couldn't think of anything, except running out of flour when making okonomiyaki.

Then Kaho got upset and left.

Later that day, Kaho had to make an okonomiyaki delivery. It was to her teacher!

The next day, the teacher yelled at Kaho for riding a motorcycle, even if it was just for delivery. But then he asked her to deliver another okonomiyaki, but not on a motorcycle..

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