Tokyo Shuugou, Anata wo Motto Shiritakute

Akihabara story part 2

Wakana and Taeko thanked Akira. Akira had figured out that the operating system was just hung, so they didn't get in any trouble.

Later the girls were playing a catcher game. But they couldn't catch anything.

Wakana said that this was the first time that she had gone to a game center. She said that it was fun. Asuka said that she understood.

Then Wakana said that people always said such things whenever she did something that was out of character for someone like her (someone from a rich, traditional family). The other girls told her that she shouldn't worry about it, and she should do whatever she wants.

Wakana said that she would, and the other girls said that they will try not to treat her any differently. Then they all went off to play more games.

After walking around Akihabara, the girls were tired and they were talking about what they had learned that day. Then Asuka spotted a big line and wondered what was going on. Wakana said that there were a lot of boys in line, and she wanted to go see what it was about..

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