Tokyo Shuugou, Anata wo Motto Shiritakute

Akihabara story part 3

The girls went to the store where they saw the big crowd. But when they went inside, they couldn't find the crowd anywhere. They went through every floor looking for the boys.

The girls finally went up to the roof, and found the crowd. It was mostly boys around the same age as them, but they did see a few girls in the crowd.

Asuka found out that the crowd was gathered for an event for a new game that was coming out. The voice actresses of the game were going to appear at the event.

Wakana: What kind of game is it?
Asuka: Some love simulation, where the main character has moved a lot.
Akira: Sounds like someone we know..

Asuka wanted to buy the game and get a signature from the seiyuu. Akira said that she had a computer but no game machines. Asuka said that she didn't have one either. She just wanted it so she can talk about it. But if they all did it and showed the boy, the boy would figure out that the girls knew each other. So they decided that Taeko should go get the game, for her little brother.

Taeko went to buy the game, and get the signature. But when she got to the seiyuu, she was very nervous. Asuka went with her, and asked for the signature.

Then a mini-concert began, and Asuka rushed over. The other girls knew that they wouldn't be able to go home anytime soon, with Asuka around..
[music was Kumo no Mukou]

[Sentimental Graffiti audio drama]

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