Tokyo Shuugou, Anata wo Motto Shiritakute

Shinjuku story part 3

The girls were following the boy. They tried to stay close, but they couldn't get too close.

The boy went into a large CD store. The store was big enough for them to not get noticed, so the girls also went inside. They were wondering what kind music the boy listened to.

Then the boy went to the cashier and bought a CD. The girls saw the CD, and Miyuki said that it was one that she recommended. Miyuki was feeling very happy.

Next the boy went into another store. It was a small tea shop. It was too small, so the girls didn't go in. But the boy came out right away. He just went to buy herb tea. Manami also likes herb tea, so she became very happy.

Then the boy went into a large bookstore. The girls followed him. The boy grabbed a book, and then started heading toward the girls. The girls tried to hide, but it was very crowded.

All the girls managed to escape, except for Honoka. Honoka fell, and got discovered by the boy. The other girls saw Honoka talking to the boy.

But after a short while, Honoka went to the other girls. Honoka found out which book the boy had bought. It was a mystery book, the one that Kaho had recommended.

So Kaho, Miyuki, and Manami were feeling very happy that the boy had bought things that they recommended. But Honoka was also happy too, as she had set up a date with the boy for the following week.

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