Sentimental Graffiti Omoide tachi to no 12 Kagetsu

Sentimental Graffiti 〜思い出たちとの12ヶ月〜

Dengeki Mook Series
2200 yen
released 1998.01.22

This is a multimedia "book" containing, 3 color pull out posters, and 2 drama CDs.

There are 6 pages for each Sentimental Graffiti character (sorted by the month of their birthdays), and 1 page for each seiyuu (same order as the characters).

Each character has a short story by Ohkura Raita for each season (spring, summer, fall, and winter), with a full page drawing by Kai Tomohisa. Some of these were printed in Dengeki G's Engine and Dengeki G's Magazine.

The stories are "date" stories. The audio drama on the CD are these stories.

Each seiyuu page has two very nice pictures of the seiyuu, a simple profile, and a short comment by the seiyuu regarding their characters.

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(c) マーカス/コミックス イラスト:甲斐智久
(c) Marcus, Comix, illustrated by Kai Tomohisa