SJ 12 Toshi 12 Shoujo Monogatari

[cover] Sentimental Journey
-12 Toshi 12 Shoujo Monogatari-

2600 yen
released 1998.11.20
A4 size, 88 pages


This book contains color pictures from the Sentimental Journey TV series, information about each character, information about SJ goods (with color pictures), monochrome character sketches (for the TV show), interviews with the voice actresses (with monochrome pictures), and staff lists of each TV episode.

There is also a CD-ROM containing pictures of the characters, and an interview movie with the voice actresses (QT format, color). These QT files are the same as the ones that were in Dengeki B-Magazine from May 1998 to July 1998.
[These QT files work on UNIX too.]

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