Sentimental Graffiti Banpresto Autumn cards

The Banpresto Autumn cards have the girls in street clothes.

1 Morii Kaho blue jacket, with backpack
2 Matsuoka Chie black shirt
3 Sugihara Manami orange blouse, and hat
4 Adachi Taeko checkered cardigan
5 Sawatari Honoka black one piece
6 Hoshino Asuka yellow shirt, blue vest
7 Endou Akira grey suit
8 Ayasaki Wakana blue one piece
9 Hosaka Miyuki red shirt, white jacket, white hat
10 Nanase Yuu red jacket
11 Nagakura Emiru cute, red vest and skirt
12 Yamamoto Rurika stadium jacket and cap

The backs of the cards have the school emblem of the girls' schools. There is also some information about each girl.

The second edition cards have the same pictures, but the numbering is different.

1 Morii Kaho
2 Hoshino Asuka
3 Endou Akira
4 Sugihara Manami
5 Nagakura Emiru
6 Sawatari Honoka
7 Adachi Taeko
8 Ayasaki Wakana
9 Matsuoka Chie
10 Hosaka Miyuki
11 Nanase Yuu
12 Yamamoto Rurika

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