Sentimental Graffiti Banpresto Graphic cards

The Banpresto Graphic cards have a monthly theme, and have the girls in outfits that fit the seasons. Each girl has a card in the month of their own birthday.

January Adachi Taeko wearing a kimono, making a wish
February Hosaka Miyuki cooking valentine's day chocolate
March Sugihara Manami sitting in the field, talking to the birds
April Morii Kaho walking through park
May Sawatari Honoka holding a stuffed doll
June Hoshino Asuka looking out a window
July Nagakura Emiru by the ocean
August Yamamoto Rurika wearing a swim suit, in the sea
September Ayasaki Wakana wearing a yukata, playing with fireworks
October Endou Akira walking outside
November Matsuoka Chie holding hot potatoes
December Nanase Yuu walking in the snow

[Sentimental Graffiti cards]

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