Graffiti/Journey Deluxe trading cards

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The Sentimental Graffiti, Sentimental Journey Deluxe trading cards by Banpresto came out in early 1999. They come in packs of 8 cards, for 500 yen. There are a total of 56 cards in the set.

These cards are plastic coated, so they are more pricy than the normal trading cards.

Half of the cards in this set are Sentimental Graffiti, and half of the cards are Sentimental Journey. So there are 28 SG cards and 28 SJ cards.

There are 8 different kinds of "special" cards (called PARTY and twinkle cards) and 48 normal cards. The ratio of PARTY cards is 1 in 120 cards, and the ratio of twinkle cards is 1 in 64 cards.


The cards are divided up into the following parts, for both Sentimental Graffiti and Sentimental Journey.

  • PARTY card
  • twinkle cards (3)
  • relax cards (12)
  • glass cards (12)
  • PARTY card
  • twinkle cards (3)
  • relax cards (12)
  • glass cards (12)

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