Profile (Graffiti trading cards part 1)

The 12 Profile cards have the girls in their high school uniforms. These cards are identical (except for the copyright message/date) to the Profile cards from the first set of cards. But they are numbered differently.

1 Nagakura Emiru posing
2 Adachi Taeko wearing an apron
3 Hoshino Asuka posing
4 Matsuoka Chie holding a guitar
5 Hosaka Miyuki sitting
6 Sawatari Honoka holding school bag
7 Yamamoto Rurika piece of bread in her mouth
8 Nanase Yuu sitting on the ground
9 Endou Akira sitting at a table
10 Morii Kaho sitting down, holding a can of drinks
11 Sugihara Manami sitting down
12 Ayasaki Wakana standing

The back of the cards has a close-up profile of the girls, and personal information about the girls.

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