Summer (Graffiti trading cards part 1)

The 12 Summer cards have the girls in swim suits. The front of these cards are identical to the Summer cards from the first set of cards.

1 Adachi Taeko eating shaved ice
2 Sugihara Manami listening to sea shell
3 Endou Akira lying down
4 Hosaka Miyuki getting a can of drinks
5 Matsuoka Chie with mask and snorkel
6 Morii Kaho in the sea
7 Nagakura Emiru holding dolphin shaped float
8 Nanase Yuu walking along the ocean
9 Sawatari Honoka in the sea, splashing
10 Ayasaki Wakana chasing a ball
11 Yamamoto Rurika sleeping on a beach chair
12 Hoshino Asuka holding a stick (after hitting someone on the head)

The backs of the cards have a close-up of the girls in street clothes, along with a diagram of their hometown location in their prefecture. The pictures of the girls on the back are the same as the Autumn cards.

They made a mistake! On the back of Rurika's card, they wrote Kaho, and on the back of Kaho's card, they wrote Rurika.

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