Heroine (Graffiti trading cards part 2)

The 12 Heroine cards have the girls in street clothes. These cards are identical (except for the copyright message/date) to the Heroine cards from the "cloth" catchers. But they are numbered differently.

1 Endou Akira
2 Matsuoka Chie
3 Nanase Yuu
4 Sugihara Manami
5 Morii Kaho
6 Ayasaki Wakana
7 Yamamoto Rurika
8 Hoshino Asuka
9 Hosaka Miyuki
10 Nagakura Emiru
11 Adachi Taeko
12 Sawatari Honoka

The back of the cards has a school ID of each girl. The basic ID is the same as the school ID cards from the "cloth" catchers. But the issue date of the ID has been updated, and some of the information has been corrected, if there were mistakes in the previous set.

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