Winter (Graffiti trading cards part 2)

The 12 Winter cards have the girls in winter clothing. The front of these cards are identical to the Winter cards from the first set of cards.

1 Sawatari Honoka
2 Ayasaki Wakana
3 Nagakura Emiru
4 Nanase Yuu
5 Sugihara Manami
6 Morii Kaho
7 Yamamoto Rurika
8 Hosaka Miyuki
9 Matsuoka Chie
10 Hoshino Asuka
11 Adachi Taeko
12 Endou Akira

The backs of the cards have a picture of each girl's school uniform. In the first set of cards, there was also a line drawing of each girl on the back. But this set doesn't have the drawing.

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