Sentimental Journey Final Selection trading cards

Since I like the chara designs of SJ the most, I like these cards. The pics are from the TV episodes.

The set has 117 cards, and are broken up as follows.

special cards 6
list cards 3
home town cards 12
holiday cards 12
brilliantine cards 12
scene cards 72

The scene cards are TV screen shots, 6 per girl. The hometown cards and holiday cards are very nice pics of the girls. The hometown cards are full body, with a scenic background. The holiday cards are more close up, around upper body. The brilliantine cards are super close ups.

I bought one box, and I probably don't have half of them.. (;_;) There are three specials in each box. 10 cards per pack, 400 yen per pack, 15 packs per box.

[Sentimental Graffiti cards]

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