Sentimental Graffiti Desktop Collection

NONE センチメンタル・グラフティ Desktop Collection

Movic MMCR-0007
4800 yen (tax not included)
released 1997.12.24


This CD ROM has images, icons, and voice samples of the Sentimental Graffiti characters.

This CD ROM is in ISO 9660 format.

There is a total of 439 MB of data on the disk. But this is because the same picture is on the disk 4 times, in various sizes.

Also since there are 12 girls in Sentimental Graffiti, there is not that much data for each girl. There are 4 images, 4 icons, and around 50 sound files for each character.

This is NOT the disk to get for images. All of the images are those that everyone has seen over and over.

But it is a very nice disk to get for voice samples. There is a wide range of voice samples for each girl. There are computer messages, some happy, sad, and angry messages, various "I like you", "I hate you", and "ganbatte" messages, some crying sounds, humming (the character song), birthday and holiday messages, answering machine message, and some other character specific messages.

The first pressing of this CD ROM comes with a small ruler (with little SD Sentimental Graffiti characters) and a silver metal case.

The details.. (if you mount this disk on a UNIX machine)

# du -sk *
244436  bmp
1302    desktopcollection.exe
58      icon
39072   parts
11982   preview
7       readme.txt
141363  sound

bmp has 4 images for each character, at three different sizes.

desktopcollection.exe is a Windows95 program for displaying the pictures and playing the sounds on this disk.

icon has 4 kinds of icons for each character. There are SJIS directory names used for the icons directories.

parts has data used by the destopcollection.exe program There are SJIS filenames used for some of the BMP files.

preview has 4 images for each character, small size.

sound has the voice samples (in WAV format).

The bmp and sound directories (the important stuff) only use ASCII, so this CD-ROM should be readable on non-Japanese (and/or non Windows95) systems.

So, who talks the most? (^_^;)

# du -sk sound/*
12154   sound/akira
9567    sound/asuka
8323    sound/chie
11707   sound/emiru
9787    sound/honoka
11869   sound/kaho
14895   sound/manami
13574   sound/miyuki
13065   sound/rurika
10337   sound/taeko
11418   sound/wakana
14665   sound/yuu

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Sentimental Graffiti
(c) NECインターチャネル/マーカス/サイベル/コミックス イラスト:甲斐智久
(c) NEC Interchannel, Marcus, Cybelle, Comix, illustrated by Kai Tomohisa