Sentimental Graffiti Sotsugyou M Costume Player's Seifuku Style Book

NONE センチメンタル・グラフティ 卒業M
コスチュームプレイヤーズ 制服 Style Book

Innerbrain IB97040
released 1997.05.??
4980 yen

This is a hybrid CD-ROM for Windows95 and Macintosh.

This CD-ROM contains pictures of the 12 "official" Sentimental Graffiti cosplayers, and 5 Sotsugyou M cosplayers. Also there is one picture and a few messages by 6 of the Sentimental Graffiti seiyuu ( Usagi Gumi girls).

The cosplayer pictures are in some unknown PCT format, the seiyuu pictures are imbedded into the program, and the seiyuu messages are in AIF format. So this CD-ROM is pretty useless to a UNIX user. (;_;)

The CD-ROM has a main program that takes over the entire screen, and gives a menu for choosing Sentimental Graffiti, Sotsugyou M, or cosplayer interviews.

When you choose SG, the next screen has pictures of the 12 SG characters (clickable), and a selection for seiyuu stuff. If you choose the seiyuu stuff, you will get a screen with pictures of the 6 characters (Taeko, Asuka, Akira, Rurika, Yuu, Miyuki).

When you click on these characters, you will get a screen with one picture of the seiyuu (maybe around 300x300) and some personal information. These pictures are very nice! Then the next screen has a selection for four messages: 1) self introduction, 2) the feelings toward the character, 3) a message to fans, and 4) a message to cosplayers doing that character.

At the SG screen, if you click on the 12 SG characters, the first screen is a page full of character information. Then there are around 10 to 20 pictures of the cosplay girls (for each character).

information about the Usagi Gumi girls

Some of the personal information about the Usagi Gumi girls given are as follows. (birthday, height, shoe size, dress size, sports)

Okada Junko Nishiguchi Yuka Okamoto Asami Suzuki Urarako Makishima Yuki Konno Hiromi
5/23 7/19 12/22 4/28 9/9 9/13
151 cm 154.5 cm 153 cm 152 cm 166 cm 152 cm
22.5 23-23.5 22-22.5 23-23.5 24-24.5 22.5-23.5
7 7-9 5-7 7-9 7-9 11
ski, basketball, unicycle, mat bad at all ski, badminton badminton, ice skating, unicycle skating badminton, ski

In the picture, Junko is wearing a white, short sleeve shirt with a black and white checkered one piece over it.
Yuka is wearing a black short sleeve sailor fuku-style shirt.
Asami is wearing a sleeveless black flower design one piece, with a white cardigan over it.
Urarako is wearing a white, long sleeve shirt, and a dark brown one piece over it.
Yuki is wearing a black, short sleeve shirt.
Hiromi is wearing a short sleeve white sweater.

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