Sentimental Graffiti 5 Morii Kaho

NONE センチメンタル・グラフティ5
Sentimental Graffiti 5 Morii Kaho

NEC Avenue NACG-1005
1529 yen (5% tax included)
released 1997.06.21


The front of the CD booklet features a picture of Morii Kaho, and the back has a nice picture of Mannaka Yukiko (満仲由紀子). The CD itself is a picture disk, and has a picture of Kaho in a two piece swimsuit, running.

The tracks are:

  1. Prologue (プロローグ)
  2. Kimi ga Ireba... (君がいれば、、、)
  3. Sentimental Drama - Anata ni Aitakute
  4. Kimi ga Ireba... (karaoke)
  5. Special Message (スペシャル・メセージ)
There are more tracks on this CD, up to track 77. But most of them are very short (just several seconds), and there is nothing on the tracks. Track 75 is the only track with something on it, and it contains a telephone message from Kaho.

information about Kaho (from the drama)

Kaho liked to run ever since she was little. When she was in 5th grade, their class was going to run a relay. The boys in the class just chose the "transfer student" as their representative for fun. Kaho got very mad at the boys, because she wanted to take the race very seriously. But the boy trained with Kaho, no matter how hard she trained. Until now Kaho had only trained by herself, so she was enjoying running with the boy.

Then Kaho promised, "I'll be in first place when I hand you the baton." But that promise never came true, as the boy had to transfer to another school on the day of the race.

Another boy ran in place of the transfer student, and they won. But Kaho wasn't happy. She realized that what was important to her wasn't winning, but passing the baton to that boy. So after the race, she asked for the baton that was used, and she's keeping it until the day she can hand it off to the boy..

This CD debuted on the Oricon charts at number 70.

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