Ultra esp

NONE ウルトラ esp [エスパー]

Columbia COCC-15069
1365 yen (5% tax included)
released 1998.05.30


The CD comes in one of those "slim" clear plastic cases. The cover art of Emiru looks a little "different" from the previous art. There is also a cute picture of Ai on the inside cover.

The CD itself is a picture CD with two pictures of Emiru (full body and waist up).

The tracks are:

  1. Prologue Drama (Maeda Ai, Takato Yasuhiro)
    プロローグドラマ (前田愛, 高戸靖広)
  2. Ultra esp [esper] (Maeda Ai, Takato Yasuhiro)
    ウルトラ esp [エスパー] (前田愛, 高戸靖広)
  3. Ultra esp [dansei vocal off version] (Maeda Ai)
    ウルトラ esp [男性 vocal off version]
  4. Ultra esp [remix version] (Maeda Ai, Takato Yasuhiro)
    ウルトラ esp [remix version]
  5. voice message (Maeda Ai)
    ボイス・メッセージ (前田愛)

This is a fast and CUTE song. A very catchy song. This has become one of my favorite SG related songs.

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